Aja ekadashi – Prernamurti Bharti Shriji


Aja Ekadashi comes in Bhadramaas on Krishnapaksh.

Worshiping Lord Govinda on Aja ekadashi  makes free from all sin.

Ekadashi fasting person does recover his state, his values, his honor if lost .

Must have heard the name of Raja Harishchandra in the past, he was pious  great king. 

Raja Harishchandra were so solemnly that he even not spoke lie in dreams .

Due to some deed in the past, king got astray from kingdom and had to sell wife, son and even himself .

Due to piety of Raja Harishchandra his people were extremely happy, even though he had to the become poor.

 After miserable days for many years One day he was sitting thinking, how I get rid of this sorrow now?

King met Gautam Rishi, Rishi said that your luck is falling seven days after on Aja Ekadashi, after fasting one should worship Lord Rishikesh.

The  lent will make you recover your lost wife and son.

Due to Ekadashi fasting, king received his kingdom, his son and wife hurdleless and also received  heaven at the end.

Hence on AjaEkadasi one should worship Lord Rishikesh after fasting. Listening and reading the importance of Aja Ekadsahi lets you gain fruitage of ‘Aswamegh Yagna’.

That’s why on every Ekadashi, all humans should  vow  and also make others to observe it.

Currently Bhadra maas is running, one should not consume Yoghurt during Bhadra maas. Upcoming Ekadashi is named as Padma Ekadashi on this Ekadashi pitcher full of water, covered by clothing, yoghurt and rice should be donated to a Brahmin.

By observing fast on every Ekadashi one must gain full advantage of all the Ekadashi. Remember ! not to eat yogurt during bhadr Maas, it should be donated on next Ekadashi not consumed.

 …… Birds sing the tune the air chanting and  nature is also chanting  why not you ?

 Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare ….


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