Krishna Janmashtami – Prernamurti Bharti Shriji



Childhood is that golden period in which children can either prosper or fail.  Those children whose role model is superior to themdefinitely prosper and the ones whose role model is inferior to them certainly fail. They lead inferior lives. Parents, teachers – everybody should take care that children choose their role model who is superior to them.  You should tell them relevant stories; create a relevant environment for them which would be helpful to choose a superior role model.

                I understand that in today’s world everyone likes to become Dabhang, Stunt man, Spider man, Batsman.  This is the wish of all children.  All these roles are inherent in Lord Krishna alone.  Was Lord Krishna doing fewerstunts? So, you inspire your children to become a real hero.  Help them choose a superior role model.  Tell them such stories.

                Janmashthami is arriving soon. Wherever you are staying, in your buildings, flats; make your children wear Krishna’s dress, make them Krishna. Every individual should make arrangements to distribute Prasad of – makkhan (butter) – mishri(crystallized sugar pieces) and Panjeri amongst children.  This is a superior wealth.  Even if materialistic wealth is not provided, that’s fine.  But if parents make their children choose a superior role model, then children’s virtues itself become their real wealth, irrespective of whether they have any wealth or not.This small endeavoris initiated by me which parents are requested to realize.

                The grant festival of Kanha Carnival was held in Ahmedabad in 2012. It was the first event of its kind for the first time ever in history. It was also documented in  ‘Limca Book of Records’.  Three temples were erected – Dwarikadhish, Nathdwara and VrindavanBanke Bihari Ji. People were able to view the exact replica of three temples all under one roof.  Raas Lila and Makkhan Lila of Vrindavan- all these were included in the 7 days program/festival of Janmashthami.

                That time I was surprised to know that when todays youngsters saw these temples, they said that they were able to take darshan of all the 3 temples under one roof but till today we were not aware that in our India Banke Bihari Ji temple exists in Vrindavan. I felt very sad at that time. Dwarikadhish is also there. Today also, near Ahmedabad only, where we are residing, Dwarikadhish is in Gujarat and Nathdwara is near Ahmedabad, which is known as ‘ShriNathji’.  Looking at this, I was sad and surprised also to know that today’s youngsters know aboutStunt man,Spider man,any of the dancers; copy their moves and steps; tryto become like them by copying all of their styles like hair style and dressing style.

                But the greatest hero ever is Lord Krishna. He is a Great dancer, Superhero, Cosmic man, Superman, Stunt man;give him any name, he is perfect for all of them.   So, for such an all-in-one personality, you should inspire your children.  You don’t need to tell your children to become like Krishna but if you make them like Krishna like on Janmashthami make them dress up as Lord Krishna and inspire them to eat makkhan-mishri or tell Krishna’s story to them then children will naturally direct their mind towards Krishna. So, if children become like Lord Krishna, then it’s natural that they will become superhero only. So, you try your level best, be it your children or your neighbor’s children, dress them up like Lord Krishna, and distribute Prasad of makkhan-mishri and Panjeri amongst your neighbor’s children or poor children.

                I would like to advise all the parents that when Lord Krishna was a young he used to eat makkhan-mishri. Though this, our children get inspiration that intake of makkhan-mishri helps in body building and intellectual growth. So, you also make your children eat little bit of makkhan-mishri daily in the morning.  Children will become healthy, superior, grow intellectually. Help them to choose a superior role model and then your children will attain greatness.

                Jay Shi Krishna.  Happy Janmashthami…!!


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