Guru Bramha………..—Prernamurti Bharti Shriji


Guru should not be regarded as a mere man. The place where Guru dwells in is Kailasa. The house in which Guru lives is Kashi or Banaras. The water of Guru feet is Ganga herself. The Mantra uttered by Guru fair Mouth is the saviour Brahman Himself.

The form of Guru is the root of Dhyana, the Lotus-Feet of Guru is the root of Pooja, the word of Guru is the root of salvation.

Guru is the place of pilgrimage. Guru is fire. Guru is Surya. Guru is the whole world. All places of pilgrimage in the entire universe reside in the sole of Guru’s Lotus-Feet. Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, Parvati, Indra, all Devas, all sacred rivers are eternally seated in the Guru’s body. Siva alone is Guru.

If Guru is pleased, the Lord Himself is pleased; if Guru is displeased, the Lord is displeased. 

He who is pure in thought, word and deed, who has mastery over the senses, who has knowledge of scriptures, who is truthful, serene and who has God-realisation is a Guru.

A man of bad character cannot be a Guru. Competent disciples are never in want of competent Gurus. The disciple achieves results in proportion to his faith on his Guru.

The possession of university degrees cannot entitle a man to be an examiner of a Guru.

It is the height of impertinence and foolishness on his part, blinded by the vanity of worldly knowledge, to test the spiritual knowledge of the Guru.

Guru Is The Boat

The Guru is the boat 
To cross this ocean of Samsara; 
The Guru is the passport 
To the kingdom of Eternal bliss; 
The Guru is the ladder 
To lift you to the peak of perfection. 
Serve your Guru well with Bhakti. 
You will obtain his grace 
And reach the goal of life. 

Blessed Guru’s Feet 

Just as the Chatak bird looks for Swati drops 
The Chakori bird for the moon, 
The Chakravaka for the sun, 
The Hamsa for the stem of the Lotus,— 
So also the aspirant looks to the feet of Satguru 
Just as the drowning man looks to the shore, 
The man caught up in the forest at night for the light, 
The man pelted by rain for the shelter,— 
So also the aspirant looks to the feet of Satguru. 
Just as the chaste wife looks to her husband, 
The iron-filings to the magnet, 
The running river to the sea, 
So also the aspirant looks to the feet of his Guru. 


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