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Nature is always involved in the acts of beneficence. Sea and rivers give water. Sun provides light and life. ‘Giving’ is their only true nature. What does man give them in return? Nothing at all. Can’t man learn from them the spirit of ‘giving’? Saints and sages too, like nature, are always engaged in acts of service of humanity. They have understood the giving spirit of nature in the right sense, and absorbed it in their conduct. They are engrossed in human welfare day and night. Like a farmer who sows seeds in his farm and cultivate them, burns himself in the sun to grow the harvest, patiently works hard on a daily basis. Some grains lead to production of immeasurable seeds. Likewise saints and great men also are involved regularly in the selfless activities pertaining to societal and human welfare.

Prernamurti  Bharti Shriji  (born on 15 December 1974), is an  spiritual preacher, who preaches wisdom as propounded by Indian Vedic Philosophy / Vedanta  principles & teaches meditation. Her followers address Her as SHRIJI. Born to father, Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu, who is always absorbed in the pious feeling of human welfare, and consistently enthralled people with his spiritual discourses full of wisdom and gyana, and a mother who followed the principles of her husband like a shadow, who is an ascetic, mahayogini, residing in the pinnacle of forbearance, forever immersed in her true ‘soham’ nature, the mother of this world-Sh.Sh. Ma Lakshmi devi- there should be no wonder about her greatness and eminence!! Shri Shriji is a born ascetic, an Enlightened Soul. She is a combination of the highest cultures of intellect & spirit. She is a scholar, scientist, poet, musician & spiritualist of a very high order. Along with Her intellectual culture, She has brought Her spiritual development to a very high pitch.  She perceives things by the light of Her Soul. She is one of the greatest apostles of Vedanta, of the present time. She is the demonstration of all the Hindu Scriptures. She is the live representation of the teachings of Vedas & Bhagwad Gita and Her character is the model for the daily human conduct. As a child – innocent & pleasing ; as a friend – cordial and sympathetic ; as a scholar – learned and intellectual, and as a sannyasin-noble & sublime, Shri Shriji stands as a beacon-light amidst the billowing ocean of humanity.

She has a staunch belief that, if you surrender to and have faith in God, then nothing will ever go wrong with you. Instead, your life will bloom and be graced. None of your near and dear ones can ever take you to the pinnacle where God will place you. Life is not to be wasted in worldly attachments and bondages; instead, it is meant to taste the joy of liberation by being situated in equipoise.”

Great personalities, like Prernamurti Shriji, manifest themselves in bodily form on this earth for the sole purpose of human welfare. The only objective of all her actions, attempts is beneficence. She is thorough in giving happiness and love to others. When a person attached to the world, gives something to someone, he/she gives it with a desire to get many things in return, but when Saintly personalities like Prernamurti ji gives it, then they give themselves completely. Even when they seem to take something they do it to relieve people from pain, suffering and illness. What a boundless sea of compassion!! They never express their own pains to others, instead are always ready to alleviate the pains of others. Whosoever meets her, she fills them with so much of love, care, compassion, money-prosperity, that no space in the heart would be left vacant. Those who are abhorred by family, relatives and society, Shriji shows affection to even those considering them the part of divinity. Even if a person meets her for the first time he/she gets a feeling that Shriji belongs to him/her. Not only humans, she loves all animals-birds, plants equally. It seems that even trees-plants get overjoyed by receiving Her pure, personal & divine touch.

Prernamurti Bharti Shriji, from whose each bodily tissue, flows the fragrance of humanitarian service work. In her each & every breath is hidden the selfless service spirit like of sun and moon. Her own life is a live example of service – saints like Her whomsoever they meet, wherever they live, they uplift the society in every manner. Be it curbing the addictions of addicts, or values inculcation in students, be it wiping the tears and pains of the destitute or filling the empty stomach of the hungry, protecting the cows going to the slaughter house or opposing the tradition of sacrificial offering of billy goats. Be it humans or animals, Shriji is always engrossed in the humanitarian works to aid them all move in the direction of development. Not a single moment in Shriji’s life is spent without service work. Be it financial or societal; cultural or pragmatical; worldly or spiritual- no arena is inferior or superior for the acts of service for Shriji.

Shri Shriji started preaching devotees from 2004. She has divinely melodious voice and used to enthroll Her devotees through Her Bhajans(Devotional Songs) full of Bhakti Ras & Prem Ras sung in Her Satsang. Devotees look forward to Her Spritual discourses full of indian spiritual wisdom, which are usually conducted on Ekadashi & other auspicious Hindu Festivals.

 Man’s actions only are the ultimate representation of his thoughts. Shriji is the founder of an NGO called Laksh Prerna Divine Foundation which is engaged in innumerable social activities viz.. Ascent of life, Divya Shishu Ratna(Vedic Garbh Vigyan), De-addiction campaigns, Gau Seva etc.. Laksha Prerna Divine Foundation came into existence in 2008 with the chief objective of spreading her inspiration and divine principles to all those people coming in contact with Shriji or residing at far away places and to give an elaborate form to her service works. This is a Public charitable trust which is engaged in many acts of societal upliftment. For which the single most goal of all kinds of activities is – ‘welfare of humanity, well-being of humanity.This we have always experienced that a mere thought to initiate any service work in the mind of Shriji results in occurrence of that work across the world. LPDF, a service work seed sown with the objective of human welfare in 2008 has been taking the shape of a huge tree.

 Under the shade of this service tree LPDF – students, youth, elderly, women, men etc – all are receiving freshness and peace. Because of Shriji’s positive thoughts and generous feelings of world welfare the fragrance of service work carried out by the organization under her guidance has spread across the world.  People out there are also benefitting their lives with the scent of Shriji’s ideals and discourse.

Shriji says that “when you move ahead to do selfless service work, then all powers of the universe come together to support you. So even if you start alone to help others, you will see that thousands of hands will come to support you. Therefore, never ever think yourself to be weak, hopeless and helpless. That Divine power is always with you.”

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