Significant Chaturmaas–Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

Chaturmaas lasts from  Devshayani Ekadashi to Devuthi Ekadashi, or Prabodhini Ekadashi. During Chaturmaas one should not do ‘Agnisthhom yagya’, Auspicious work, Kings procession ceremony etc. should be resisted. Our culture is evaluated from penance. Fasting is also part of that. Lord Vishnu did penance for thousands of years and evaluated Bramhdev from navel. The same Bramhdev did penance for thousand years after which Lord Vishnu asked him to create the world, hence penance serves base of creation of World.
Straight forward, the more you heat Gold , the more it glows. Milk if raw goes waste, if boiled milk retains. In our daily life we observe that, the more you heat objects the more it becomes useful. Tar a black substance which useful for roads,  firstly heated to extreme temperatures, to make it useful for making roads which are smooth and strengthy. The same way human in his daily life should practice penance. Ekadashi fasting is also part of penance.
Human life becomes more peaceful, wealthy, enhanced and happy the more you practice Penance, hence fasting on ekadashi is considered to be greatest of the greatest. We should do penance by controling our  mind, body from doing our daily courses. Doing the way resistive to mind and body from daily life makes them to do penance, For Ex; we take food daily 2 to 4 times, but on ekadashi you do fasting, its a penance for you.
In Chaturmaas one should follow some rules of penance like, not having the beloved food,  doing a definite count of mala, to lit lamp before the God, giving food to needy and poor, to offer milk ,water to Lord Shiva or any other such rules.
The more you fast, the more your life gets uplifted. The more you practice penance ,the more your life gets enhanced. During chaturmaas one should compulsary have some rules or fast in life.
What rules should be followed to get some desired result in chaturmaas ??
How to get good commanding voice ??
How to get everlasting fruitage in chaturmaas ??

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