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Prernamurti Bharti Shriji has given us the significant way of celebrating birthday in a divine nature oriented way so that one can brighten the future..


We generally celebrate birthday by lighting the candles, blowing them off, cutting the cake.  This is the usual trend followed everywhere now-a-days.But are we aware of the reason behind doing this?

On any of the holy occasions like taking darshan of a deity in temple, doing yajna during Vastu Pooja of home, on Diwali; candles and diyas are lighted because these are auspicious occasions. Then is Birthday in auspicious that we blow off candles on this event? Birthday is an auspicious occasion, a fortunate day; so on this day candles should not be blown off but lighted up.

Lighting up candles helps to maintain good health.When one blows off candles on the cake with his mouth, the cake becomes ort. Doctors say that even if one drinks a sip of water in a glass just once, germs and bacteria are formed in that corner of glass which comes in contact with the lips.Similarly, when candles over a cake are blown off, germs are formed on the cake.Candle which is lit on birthday, represents sun. But when the same candle is blown off, it represents darkness. Then why not celebrate birthday in a better way by lighting candles and then cutting the cake?

On ones birthday, one should get up early in the morning and prostrate before his parents, spiritual masters by touching their feet. With their blessings, ones future becomes bright and he becomes successful.

The human body survives due to 5 elements– earth, water, fire,wind, space.These five elements are must for our body.All these 5 elements have their own colors. So when diyas made up of these colors are lit, if there is any deficiency of any of these 5 elements in body, it gets fulfilled.Secondly, one should be thankful for getting these 5 elements.When one thanks these 5 elements, they give him health, wealth and bright future in the form of blessings.

Make diyas of wheat flour of 5 colors–yellow, blue, white, red and green.Put some rose petals around the diyas.Then place 4 diyas in the 4 directions and 5th one in the middle. One can also celebrate in another way. E.g. If one’s age is 20 years, then lit 19 small diyas of different colors and ask any of the elder person in family to lit the 20th biggest diya in the middle.

So, in this way, purely divine nature oriented birthday can be celebrated.By celebrating birthday in this manner, one can definitely protect his future. Then why not celebrate birth day in a divine nature oriented way and motivate others too for the same!!

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The above life inspiring words are the excrepts of spiritual discourses by PRERNAMURTI BHARTI SHRIJI, who is a renowed spiritual leader …an inspiration beyond imagination. PRERNAMURTI BHARTI SHRIJI has undertaken and always strives best  for betterment and upliftment of the mankind through various religious  and social activities.click forYoutube channel here.

Significance Of Satsang–Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

141114124652-heroes-background-full-169The Guru is the bestower of silence who reveals the light of Self-knowledge that shines as the residual reality. Spoken words are of no use whatsoever if the eyes of the Guru meet the eyes of the disciple.(sc)

The flow of power from the Guru can be received by anyone whose attention is focused on the Self or on the form of the Guru; distance is no impediment to its efficacy. This attention is often called Sat-sanga, which literally means ‘association with self’.Sat means truth and Sang means to be with or associated with. Satsang is therefore association with truth itself. It can be practiced either by remaining in the company of a truthful or pure being such as Guru also in the company of people who are devoted to God. Association with a spiritual person is also a form of satsang only. Thinking of God or divine thoughts, reading spiritually inspiring books, visiting a temple or place of pilgrimage are other forms of satsang. Some people are fortunate enough to be born in a family of highly spiritual beings. For them life will be a continuous satsang. Others have to find either spiritual people or some other means to practice satsang. On a much deeper level, satsang means to be with or remain associated with the inner quality of sattva or purity. Sattva is one of the triple qualities of Prakriti (nature), the other two being rajas and tamas.(sc)

The quality of sattva manifests in human beings as knowledge, peacefulness, contemplativeness and thoughtfulness. People in whom this quality is predominant possess superior wisdom and knowledge and are usually drawn into devotional and spiritual way of living. Their thoughts revolve around God and they seek to liberate themselves from the bonds of ignorance and the cycle of births and deaths by surrendering themselves to God and leading divine centered lives. A sattvic person is a natural satsangi.(sc)

The company of Guru is always a satsang or in association with the good and the pure. The purpose of a satsang is to develop the quality of sattva through spiritual association with sattvic people.The quality of rajas drives people into restless activity. Rajasic people are driven by an intense desire to prove themselves to others. They are self­centered in contrast to the sattvic people who are divine centered. Driven by passions, emotions, egoism and pride, they consider themselves as the doers and attribute their successes and failures to themselves or to their innate abilities and talents. Their belief in God is influenced by their personal goals and inner needs. Their relationship with others and even with God is conditional. If they are disappointed or suffer some set back, they would not hesitate to condemn God or question His very existence.(sc)

Tamasic people are usually disinterested in God and seldom drawn into active and disciplined life. Because they are insensitive to others and to their own inner feelings, they often indulge in cruel and criminal behavior causing pain and suffering to others. They are also drawn to intoxicating substances and food that causes lethargy. Even if they believe in God, they usually resort to secret cults and unusual methods of self­torture and selfdestruction to achieve self­realization. Tamasic people are usually negative and pessimistic. They drain away other people’s energy by raising objections or discouraging them from taking any action. They always have an excuse for not doing things or doing things in a negative way.(sc)

By joining a satsang one can improve the quality of sattva and suppress rajas and tamas. As the mind is drawn more and more into divine centered thinking through association with like minded people, the quality of sattva increases. People who participate in them regularly become more reflective and intuitive. Their minds come to rest and their senses become quieter. Their egos yield place to the working of the purifying and cleansing energy and the awakening of the dormant energies. Satsang can definitely help people in stabilizing their minds in divine thoughts and developing the quality of sattva that is so important for transforming the lower self. Satsang is therefore spiritual friendship or association. In the modern world, in the midst of many distractions and allurements, people can practice it in many ways, not just through the traditional methods of meetings alone. It can be practiced even when one is physically alone by staying focused on the thoughts of God and the path of liberation.(sc)

 One should wholeheartedly encouraged this practice and frequently said that it is the most efficient way of bringing about a direct experience of the Self. Traditionally it involves being in the physical presence of one who has realised the Self.The most important element in Sat-sang was the mental connection with the Guru; Sat-sang takes place not only in his presence but whenever and wherever one thinks of him.(sc)

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