Prabal Prem Ke Pale Padkar Bhajan – Prernamurti Bharti Shriji


Having got ensnared in the hold of strong love,

I saw God changing His rules.

Whether God gets respect or not,

I didn’t see a devotee’s respect get over.

One who has nobody in the world,

I saw Him accompanying such a person.

The world is immersed in selfishness

Under the control of love I saw it melting.

Ram ram………

Hare Krishna…..

Wherever there is strong love, God even changes his own rules. Krishna had said that he would not pick

up a weapon. But in front of Grandfather Bhishma’s vow Krishna did pick up a weapon saying that it is

my devotee’s wish that I should not pick up a weapon. Let my devotee’s respect be maintained. It does

not matter whether mine is maintained or not. 56 kinds of food items remained untouched but God is

happy eating green vegetables and banana peels. Fancy food items are not necessary. It is not necessary

that you have any language. That woman who deals in measuring weights-which language does she

know? She weighed the stuff precisely. Whatever she would weigh, she would weigh precisely.

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