Social Activities

For the welfare of the humanity, SHRIJI is generously distributing the light of knowledge.
Shri Bharti Shriji’s each endeavor (task) has a singular goal – Well-Being (Welfare) of Humanity – ‘Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah ‘(May each one be happy)
To transform Shri Shriji’s enduring ideals and principles into reality has come into existence the ‘LAKSH PRERNA DIVINE FOUNDATION
In the service of the nation, many societal growth and betterment programs are being actively run under the aegis of Shri Shriji. Some of the main work areas are:

DIVYA SHISHU RATNA:sa-dsrTo give birth to an exceptional, extraordinary child replete with divine qualities in accordance with the vedic practice and tradition is not considered less than doing a Yagna. Developing the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of children in the mother’s womb. Invocation of the divine souls through Vedic Mantras. Developing the memory and mind power through Music and appropriate Guidance about giving birth to a ved child are provided in the Divya Shishu Ratna.

Shri Shri Bhartishriji, after a rigorous and extensive study of Vedic, Ayurvedic and Contemporary science, has found out some techniques with the help of which parents can choose and attain the desired traits like appearance, skin color, temperament and spirited progeny. Training in this area is provided to parents in Divya Shishu Ratna.
You can have a child you desire for.You can give birth to a child possessing the appearance, temperament, habits and virtues of your preference.Science says that 80-85% of the development of child happens in the ‘Garbh’ itself.
As a potter cannot change the shape of the pot after being baked into the fire, so also the habits and sanskars of the child given to him in its prenatal period cannot be changed.

During pregnancy, the super-conscious mind of the child is deeply affected by different emotions of the mother like pleasure-pain; anger-fear, tension- poise etc. and these impressions get permanently imprinted into the child’s personality.
The story of Abhimanyu narrated in the Mahabharata epic authenticates it.
The examples of Napoleon, Buddha, Shivaji and famous tabla maestro Zakir Hussain states evidence to the fact that as the sanskars are instilled in the womb, so is the child born.
The virtues given to the child in its prenatal period are retained in the child’s mind for the whole life.
Giving birth to a child following vedic method is not less than a ‘Yagya Karma’.
A farmer attempts to sow the best quality of seed in his farm to get the best quality of crop. We also look forward to get the best quality in everything we need. So isn’t it crucial to know the secret of delivering the best child, a superior kid and an excellent baby of your choice!!!
‘Divya Shishu Ratna’ reveals the secret of getting a healthy, smart, beautiful, magnificent and challenging child.



Following the birth of a child according to the principles of dharma and scriptures, it is important to guard and take care of the childhood period of the child. Development and promotion of qualities in children that allows them to wisely differentiate between good-bad; carefully take decisions in easy or difficult situations indicating their strength and courage in the process; attain growth in all areas of life by being fearless, happy and patient. With these goals in mind the ascent of life camps are run by the laksh prerna divine foundation. Through these programs school children are taught yogasanas, pranayam (breathing exercises) and techniques for improving mind and memory power. Based on the sacred thoughts and discourses of Shri Shriji, books named as ‘DESIGN YOUR DESTINY’ have also been published for students of class I to class VII.

‘AYUSHMAN BHAVA’ – Vyasanmukti Abhiyaansa-ayushmaanbhaava-2

After looking at miserable state of the society plagued by many addictions and afflicted by many diseases, Shri Bharti shriji announced the following slogan:


(the message of LAKSH PRERNA: Let our nation be free of all addictions)

Through this program various techniques to get rid of addictions like pranayams (breathing exercises), increasing will-power are taught; documentary movies are shown to educate and caution people of the ill-effects of the addiction; and exhibitions are carried out to give a message of living a healthy, happy and long life.

Homeopathy medicines have been made for de-addiction of alcohol: AMRIT PILLS, for tobacco and cigarette smoking: AROGYARAS, and for leaving 135 mava: SWASTHYA SANJIVNI. The initiative by Shri Shriji has been quite successful. Many addicts have found a new strength in themselves to leave the addictions they have with the help of other medicines.



Distribution of clothes, food and blankets to the poor and arrange a general feast or ‘bhandara’ for the poor.

Carry out marriage ceremony of the poor according to Vedic rituals.
Shri Shriji in the process tries to cater to all kinds of needs of the deprived people, and also arouse them towards mental and spiritual development.
Arranging free educational facilities in the rural areas.



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