Ekadashi-The highest form of Penance–Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

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There exists no vrata as powerful as Ekadashi in the three worlds, no penance like fasting and no Guru like a mother

Ekadashi-The highest form of Penance

The Sanatan Sanskirti owes its originto penance. Bhagwan Narayan did penance for over thousand years and created Brahma Ji. Brahma ji did penance for more than thousand years and created this world. Therefore, Tapa is the reason for the creation and sustenance of Shrishti (World). If milk is kept raw and unboiled, it will go sour. However, if it is boiled and heated it will stay fresh for a long time. The rains are heavier when the Sun God scorches more. The crops are also richer when the land radiates the heat. Similarly, even coal tar is put through high intensity of heat before it is laid firmly on the roads. Only when gold is subjected to heat, it can be used for making ornaments.

Similarly, even in the life of human beings, the more the penance, the more the life radiates and shines with prosperity, happiness and peace. Man becomes influential and extremely affluent.

 It is mentioned in the Atharvaveda ‘Divmaruhat Tapsa Tapaswi’. The man who does Tapa rises. Without penance, there cannot be elevation of the self.

In our daily lives, there is a need for penance. Ekadashi Vrat is a part of this penance. Every day, a you eat 3-4 meals, but when you are fasting, you renounce the food for the entire day or takeonly one meal. This is penance. Tapasya helps man to blossom and uplift his consciousness. Whatever man gains through Tapasya stays wih him for a long time.

 What is the importance of Ekadashi Vrat?

Ekadashi Vrat is known to end sufferings, sin, grief, sorrow and indigence.

5 ‘Karmaindriyaan’ (organs of action) + 5 “Gyaanindriyaan’(sensory organs) + 1 mind = 11 organs

Lord Vishnu has 10 incarnations and also is manifested in one form as the Parabrahma Parmatma (Absolute Truth), totaling to 11 forms. The position of the moon is eleventh. Moon is the ruler of the mind. The moon affects the mind, body, and therefore the problems affecting the mind and the body gets aggravated on this date. Therefore Ekadashi Vrat is the ultimate remedy for controlling the restlessness of the mind.

“The person who undertakes this Vrata, which bestows both material pleasures and moksha, is very dear to me, even if he is a devil”- Lord Vishnu

Ekadashi Vrata helps in eradicating all sins and eliminates fear and grants dharma (conduct), artha (finance), kama(desires), moksha (liberation).  The greatness of the Shayani EkadashiVrata cannot be described by Lord Brahma Ji himself. The person who observes this Vrata, does jagran (stays awake through the night) and worships Lord Vishnu by offering Lotus flowers is indeed admirable.

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