Importance of ‘Guru’ (Spiritual Master)


Devotee: Maiya! What is one true relationship in this world?

Maiya: If there is any true relationship in this world, it’s of disciple and the Guru, rest all relations mold out of attachments or infatuated love, which break away with time. A heart to heart connection exists between Guru and disciple such as could be between doctor and patient. Like, a doctor diagnoses and correctly recommends affable cure; the patient too with full faith takes a doctor’s prescription, similarly, a Guru also treats the disease of rebirth and suffering. A disciple with unwavering faith and trust on the Guru, does spiritual practice according to His instructions and get freedom from cycle of birth and death.  

Devotee: Maiya! Is Guru even greater than God?

Maiya: Kabir ji has said,

Guru Govind dono khade, kake lagu paay

Balihari Guru aapki, Govind diyo milaye

“If both, Guru and Govind (one of the names of Lord Krishna) were to appear at the door, whose feet will I worship first?” He answers, “It has to be the Guru’s feet first, because without Him, how would have I recognized God?

Guru is greater than God because knowing God is possible only through Guru’s grace. God sends human into this world, whereas Guru sends human back to God. Guru is the bridge connecting humans with God. Only a Guru can remove ignorance of us humans. The spiritual bliss- that which is difficult to achieve even through thousands of years of penance, a disciple can attain the same within a lifetime with Guru’s grace.

GYAN KI GEHRAI (The Depth of Wisdom)


……Contd. from GYAN KI GEHRAI (The Depth of Wisdom)

Devotee: Maiya, all Saints preach it repeatedly that, we should always remember that “we belong to God and God belongs to us” but unfortunately, we don’t remember it all the time. How to keep this in mind, Always?

Maiya: Because you don’t have love & affection for God and you don’t feel the belongin with Him, that’s why you tend to forget. Like, if you keep money or any other dear thing of yours somewhere, you don’t forget, because you think that to be yours, it belongs to you. Similarly, if you feel same for that Supreme Being, you will always remember Him.

Devotee: Maiya, How to experience the divine nectar of God?

Maiya : For instance , when you eat some sweet only then you get to know its taste, similarly, only when you will remember Him with full devotion, then you will naturally taste the divine nectar.

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