Keys For Spiritual Success

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Spiritual path is sharp-edged sword path. A Guru is absolutely necessary, who has tread the path“–Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

Keys For Spiritual Success

Chanting God’s name do give positive returns, but doing pranayam first followed by Omkar gunjan for at least 5 to 10 times and then chanting, the returns are multiplied 100 times, because our mind and body are in a balanced state.Pranayam and buzzing sound of ‘Aum’ adds value to our sadhana   (spiritual practice) and we progress very fast in spiritualitly.

Benefits of Tribandh pranayam

Minimum 3 tribandh pranayam should be performed every single day
5 to 10 times Aum chanting

  •  By controlled breathing magically enriches individual with superpower destroys negative thinking
  • calms mind to experience bliss ,gives clarity of mind, positive vibrations are released by body controls speed of breathing.
  • Our breathing gets disturbed and is out of control in 3 situations: fear, anger and lust. Breathing speeds up in all 3 emotions, our decision making ability reduces, it is better to avoid taking major decision in such turbulent emotions. Often we speak bad words in anger which later leaves us with a feeling of guilt.

All this disturbing emotions last for few seconds & then gradually reduces. Being in a state of turbulent emotions we start creating distance between ourselves and the Supreme

With regular practice of pranayam you attain a balanced state of mind. It has the power to control human emotions. Every human behaves as per his state of his mind.

An individual has various identities for e.g.: a son, brother, husband, father, uncle, grandfather, boss, etc. If we remove all the different roles of an individual, he remains human being in the core, a divine being !!

The evolution and end of human being are governed by supreme power, better we stay connected always to Him. Be in the state of bliss and behave wise.

Always stay connected with God and fulfill the responsibilities of life as if you are serving Him… your life will be heaven.

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevay…..

ananataya namah……achutaya namah……govindaya namah….gopalaya namah……

Ananataya, achutaya, govindaya namah are the powerful mantras from Padma Puarana. Those who chant mantras are protected and healed from all the disease and mishappening. Thousands are benefitted and get healed from disease like brain haemorrhage, paralysis, etc.

If a soft audio is played in the background at home, one experience peace/ purity at home. Creates a positive atmosphere and bonds family with love, prosperity and happiness. It is like a shield !! (kavach).

Another proven key for spiritual success is Ekadashi fast which pleases Lord  Narayana the most. As human being  is considered as the best amongst all the creations of God,similarly Ekadasi is considered as the best day of all days. It is said if we observe fast on Ekadasi,one attains state of happiness , prosperity, abundance, progress and richness in life.

How good we feel as God belongs to ME ….“Prabhu (God) I am Yours and You are mine “  we feela divine bonding between us !!..

How interesting! .we always get confidence and a sense of security that God is always with us.. always there for me..leads me to Him..

Hare Ram…Hare Ram…Ram…Hare…Hare….

Hare Krishna…Hare Krishna….Krishna…Krishna…Hare…Hare…

Jay Jay shree Ram………..

Some tips for Makar sankranti/Uttaran..where Sun changes his position and settles in Makar Rashi hence called as Makar sankranti.  Early in the morning worship Lord Sun, offer water mixed with white and black sesame seeds.

Mentally offer gratitude to our Guru. Let our life progress in right direction,Importance is given to Guru and Sun on this day. Worshiping Sun also elevates our forefathers.

Sesame seed has a significant role on this day, white sesame seeds are offered to please God and black seeds for forefathers.

It is said to use sesame seeds in various ways like bathing,  donate it, eat it, lighting lamp with sesame oil is beneficial. Donation on this days is very auspicious whether its monetary help or support.

The above life inspiring words are the excerpts of spiritual discourses by PRERNAMURTI BHARTI SHRIJI, who is a renowned spiritual leader …an inspiration beyond imagination. PRERNAMURTI BHARTI SHRIJI has undertaken and always strives best  for betterment and upliftment of the mankind through various religious  and socialactivities.clickfor Youtube channel here.