Cultural Feast (Bhandara)

Cultural Feast (Bhandara)

IMG_3964Date 21.03.16…It’s a beautiful morning in lasundra village ..around 80kms from Ahmedabad city, Gujarat. The beautiful morning got converted into blissful day when A big Bhandara(food feast) took place under the guidance and inspiration of Prernamurti Bharti ShrIji along with some of her disciples.

There were several school children and others too who got benefitted by Shriji’s divine presence and spiritual discourse, where they learnt many techniques taught by Her which will prove to be very useful for their studies and if followed religiously , they will certainly have a bright future along with spiritual upliftment of their lives. All the students and others too participated enthusiastically. Shriji distributed many house hold groceries such as Rice, wheat flour, oil, spices etc. and clothes too eg. pants, shirts, sarees to all the needy ones and to those who were present on this occasion. Everybody out there was rejoiced with this event.


In Her satsang (spiritual discourse), Shriji told villagers how to get rid of addictions and also motivated them to be cautious against these deadly habits; many people took a solemn vow in Her presence after Her divine speech and graciousness . There seemed to be drastic changes within villagers and they wished to quit addiction from their lives such as smoking, chewing tobacco etc. Their boundless joy and satisfied eyes were the proof of what they got from Shriji’s presence as there had been no one in their village like Shriji who had visited them to know their well being. They carried the things got in charity on their heads and left for their homes with extremely contented hearts. Shriji too took the farewell from villagers by showering grace through Her sight.