Significance of Sharad Purnima – Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

                                                   Significance of Sharad Purnima

Sharad Purnima( full moon day of Hindu Lunar month of Aswin (Sep-Oct), is also known as ‘Rasotsav’(day on which Lord Krishna showered nectar through His flute) because on the night of Sharad Purnima, Lord Krishna played flute and showered nectar through it.  When He played flute, few Gopis who were milking cows ,immediately, when they heard the sound of flute, they ran away in the direction where flute was being played calling for ‘Krishna, Krishna, Krishna, Krishna…. leaving behind milking halfway. Some Gopis were igniting stove. They also ran away leaving behind the stove half ignited.  Few of them were wearing cloths; they wore the bottom cloth at top and top cloth on the head and just ran away madly after Krishna. Few were combing their hair, they left the hair half braided and half open and went after Krishna.  Few applied some kajal on eyes and some on cheeks and ran away.

Karshati Aakarshati iti Krishna…

The One, who attracts and pulls towards Himself is named as Krishna. Those Gopis are our tendencies and attitude. The importance of Lord Krishna cannot be understood till this world is considered to be real.  When the importance of Lord Krishna is understood and the devotion and love towards Krishna  is attained, then these artificial things have no value-what makeup and what work….  One leaves behind everything and starts doing bhakti(devotion) of that Lord…!!

Gopis would go mad when they listen to the divinely melodious sound of Krishna’s flute.  One of the Gopis was feeding milk to baby, she left the baby aside, crying and screaming and ran away going mad for Krishna. One was eating food; she left the food and went after Krishna. One  applied eye liner some on eyes and some here & there and ran after Him. One left the hair half braided and went away.

Playing flute is the invocation of Lord Krishna. When He plays flute, it means He is calling Gopis. It indicates that the devotees have to run. They leave aside all their work and run after Krishna. Similarly, in our hearts too, that Lord plays flute sometimes by giving sorrows, sometimes by giving happiness, sometimes through his existence, sometimes through experience, sometimes through His wisdom. His flute is  being played, but you don’t listen to it. When you will hear it, then you also will leave behind all the work of this materialistic world and start meditating on that Supreme God alone…!!

Sharad Purnima gives you the message, that, when you will consider all the materialistic work to be trivial and only Krishna as your main goal, then you also will become happy like Gopis.

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Permenant Shelter–Prernamurti Bharti Shriji


Baghel Khand, Bandhav Garh. There lived a King, called Veer Singh. The person who served Veer Singh, Shri Senji was a very kind man. He had family ties with the royal family. His ancestors were barbers who served the royal family’s ancestors. Shri Senji also served King Veer Singh. Senji’s routine consisted of regularly going to the King, trimming his beard, applying oil, cutting his hair, massaging it and giving him a bath. But Shri Senji had taken the shelter of God. He had taken the shelter of devotion to God. He had also taken the shelter of Saints. He loved doing their service. Some people say we believe in God but we don’t believe in any Gur(SpiritualMaster). But one who believes in God cannot survive without believing in Saints. One who cannot believe in Saints, what belief can he have in God!?

Even the Supreme Lord Krishna  says, “O’Udhav! Saints are the most dear to me! I always follow them, wherever They reside. Udhav!Saints are most dear to me!” God leaves His Godliness and massages THE Lotus Feet OF saints’ . Lord Krishna used to massage Sage Durvasa’s feet. God Himself had picked up plates in which Saints had eaten, after the Rajsuya Yajna . He Himself is God, yet he does not miss rendering service to saints. But those who out of false ego, think themselves to be the supereme and say that they do not believe in any Guru, they are the most foolish people on the earth. We don’t believe in any Guru. We don’t believe in saints. We believe only in God. We believe only in Baanke Bihari (a name of Lord Krishna). So, brother, you believe in Baanke Bihari. Do you believe in Baanke Bihari for Baanke Bihari’s sake or to have faith in Him? Do you believe only in His form and if you believe in His principles, then you will not be able to survive without surrendering to Saints. Because, where God surrenders,  what value does your surrender carry? Lord Krishna and Rukmini(His wife) pulled Sage Durvasa’s chariot. Durvasa was alert, if there is any sign of grudge on Rukmini’s face. Now there is no sign of grudge on either Lord Krishna’s countenance or on Rukmini’s. So the sage says, “Krishna! Doesn’t it occur to you as to how tender Rukmini can pull a chariot?” Lord Krishna replied, “O’ revered Sage! This is our good fortune that we have got such an opportunity to serve supremely generous saints like you. I am fortunate. From that itself Lord Krishna got a boon.“ So Durvasa offered kheer to God in the form of an offering which had been given by Saints. What importance is attributed to Saints! Ordinary people cannot understand this.

Shri Sen was a server of Saints. He liked serving them. One day, it so happened that Shri Sen had set out from his house. Then a gathering of Saints passed by chanting, “Hare Rama, Hare Rama..”There is sweetness in God’s name. If I say “Jaggery, jaggery..” then no sweetness is felt in one’s mouth. If I say “chilli…” then no hot sensation is felt in the mouth. If I say “sugar…” then no sweetness is felt in the mouth. But if I say “Rama…” then sweetness is felt in the mouth. You will have to believe this. The heart becomes sweet.  This you will have to believe. If you chant God’s name properly even once, the heart becomes sweet and is filled with the nectar of life.

Hare Rama, Hare Rama…

Now Shri Sen while singing kirtan(devotional song) got entranced and started dancing. Emotions sprung up and his heart was filled with devotion. He forgot that the King had told him to come daily and complete his work of a barber. It was work entrusted to him for a long time. He forgot. He started surrendering himself at the divine feet of Saints. He asked the Saints to come to visit his house. They refused initially, but he insisted and said ‘how can you leave this village without visiting my house’? So they agreed. One who takes the shelter of God remains worriless and fearless. They remain in a mirthful state. When a devotee becomes worriless and takes the shelter of God, then He too fills your empty place. But if you have more faith in worldly shelter than in God, you are no where. God is supremely dear and compassionate.

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Signficance of Papankusha (sin prohibitive) Ekadashi—-Prernamurti Bharti Shriji


Narayanaya Namaha, Narayanaya Namaha….

Lord Shiva told Narad Muni, Sanatkumars told Lord Vyasa, Lord Krishna told KingYudhisthira, and nowI am telling you the same significance of fasting on ‘Papankusha Ekadashi’.

The fast, which prohibits all the sins& which fulfills all the desires, is known as ‘Paap Ankusha’ Ekadashi, in other words ‘Triprusha’ Ekadashi.

‘Triprusha’ means Ekadashi comprising of three tithis (Dates according to Hindi Calender)– Ekadashi, Dwadashi and Trayodashi (i.e 11th, 12th &13th day falling between new moon to full moon) 

 Dashami(i.e the 10th day) will not be counted ,but only Ekadashi, Dwadashi and Trayodashi.

The combination of these three ‘tithis’ is known as ‘Triprusha’ Ekadashi. Just like, the last breath in ‘Prayaga’ and taking holy bath in ‘Gomti’ river near Lord Krishna in Dwarka leads to eternal liberation.

Similarly, the same liberation is attained by observing fast of ‘Triprusha’ Ekadashi.

Those who are lustful,  can’t do meditation & are passionate, those who cannot earn any punya(merit);  for such people it is said that ‘Triprusha’ Ekadashi fast is the best for attaining liberation.

One who observes fast on ‘Triprusha’ or ‘Papankusha’ Ekadashi, gets the fruit of doing 1000 Ashwamedha Yajna and 100 Vajapeya Yajna.

One gets liberated from sins like that of crores of Brāhmahatya (sin occurred due to killing of a vedic Hindu Brahmin) by observing fast of‘Triprusha’.

By mere listening to its glory, one gets the fruits of taking bath in holy river Ganges.

One who recites the Dwadash Mantra(twenty two letter mantra) – ‘Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevay’  – on this ekadashi, attains ‘moksha’ (liberation) after death, irrespective of his caste be it -Brahmin, Shudra, Vaishya or Kshatriya.

In ancient times, Lord Brahma and many other Rishis(sages) did anushthana of this fast.

That’s why, it is also known as ‘Vaishnavi Tithi’ because the Supreme Lord, Himself, originated this tithi.

Triprusha ekadashi is the conjunction of Ekadashi, Dwadashi and Trayodashi.

But one should be careful about not observing fast of Ekadashi which falls on Dashami tithi, even by mistake since it leads to destruction of offspring and poverty.

Lord Krishna, while narrating its significance to King Yudhisthra said – the fruit, which is attained by going to and doing darshan(sight) of all the temples on this earth, is attained by doing kirtan and japa of Lord’s name.

Mere observing of fast of Triprusha Ekadashi and doing japa of Dwadashaakshara Mantra, one gets the fruit of all  pilgrimages.

This Ekadashi gets moksha and heaven; healthy body;  beautiful wife, wealth and well wishers.

Lord Krishna told Yudhisthira – Dear King, one who observes fast on this day liberates ten generations of mother, father and wife.

That’s why even a poor person should too give donations as much as possible, do japa on this day and make this fast successful.

                       “Aavandhyam divasam kuryat daridropinrupottama
                            Samacharan yathashakti snanadanadikakriya”

So far as possible, one should take bath in some holy river, donate, do japa of God’s name.

Whether one has any offspring or not; one is poor person or a king;  observing this fast attains – Dharma (Righteousness, Duty), Artha (Wealth), Kama (Desire) and Moksha (Liberation).

Narayanaya Namaha, Narayanaya Namaha….

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Dussehra—Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

Happy Dassehra

The ultimate goal of human being is:

  • Renunciation of wishes (kamana ki nivrutti)– Refrain one self from fulfilling unnecessary wishes.

It is achieved by being judicious, sensible and following appropriate discipline in life.

  • Fulfillment of curiosity (jigyasa ki purti)–Fulfillment of questions like – who am I, from where did I come, wheream I supposed to go, for whom am I doing all this?

If one sits peacefully and asks oneself these questions, definitely he will get the answers.

  • Attainment of eternal love (shashvat prem ki prapti)– To attain enlightenment.

To attain enlightenment by taking refuge in the lotus feet of God, Saints.

If one accomplishes these three goals then his human life is successful.

It is said that the human body is made up of nine doors containing vices.

Vijayadashami or Dussehra conveys the message to defeat these vices by taking refuge in the lotus feet of God .

Reality of world–Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

Prernamurti Bharti Shriji__reality of world , reality of world quotes, reality, reality of world
Prernamurti Bharti Shriji explais here the reality of the materialistic world through a story of King.

Reality of world

Prernamurti Shriji in this video unveils the reality of this world through a story of King Bharatri. King Bharatri was an ascetic. His wife was very beautiful. He wrote ‘ Shringar Shataka’ containing 100 shloka on the beauty of women looking at his wife.Bharatri was generously ruling over his kingdom.  Once a saint came to his kingdom. He gave king an eternal fruit and told – “I want you to eat this eternal fruit since you are the only one deserving it. After eating this fruit, you will always remain young and happy. But dear king, you are overindulged in the sense pleasures. When you will come to know the reality of this, you will become very sad. “

But Bharatri failed to understand what saint indicated.  He gave the eternal fruit to his wife thinking that he will be happy if his wife remains young and healthy forever.  His wife gave that fruit to minister, her lover, thinking that if minister remains young she will be happy. Minister in turn was loving a prostitute. He gave that fruit to prostitute for his happiness and not for any benefit of prostitute. Prostitute though that if she eats that fruit, she will remain young forever and increase her sins. So she though that one who lives for the welfare of others deserves this fruit and gave it to Bharatri.

King Bharatri was shocked to see that fruit with prostitute. It was an eye-opener for him. When he came to know that prostitute got the fruit from minister and minster got it from his wife, his Vairagya (renunciation from sense pleasures) was aroused.  He was ashamed of himself thinking that he is loving his wife who is loving someone else who in turn is loving someone else. Is this the reality of world???Then he understood what that saint wanted to convey about the reality of this worldthrough the eternal fruit. He then wrote Vairagya Shataka which today also devotees read to attain enlightenment.

So to summarize, when you will come to know the reality of Indriyas (senses), the reality of this world; you will understand that nobody loves you. Everybody loves themselves only.  Nobody can love you more than you yourself can because you yourselfare the source of eternal happiness…!!

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The above life inspiring words are the excrepts of spiritual discourses by PRERNAMURTI BHARTI SHRIJI, who is a renowed spiritual leader …an inspiration beyond imagination. PRERNAMURTI BHARTI SHRIJI has undertaken and always strives best  for betterment and upliftment of the mankind through various religious  and social activities.

Navratri Special–Prernamurti Bharti Shriji


The nine days of navratri falling duing the month of Sharad (as per hindi calendar between October-November) & Chaitra (between march and april) have significance of worshiping women as SHAKTI(strength)

Generally , we celebrate two Navratri in a year, one for playing dandiya (Sharad Navratra) and one forobserving fasts and other rituals(Chaitra Navratra).What is women empowerment (Shakti)-

SHAKTI the name itself indicates, is the power, which works as a driving force for men. Women serve aspower house for the achievement of wealth ,Life, success& respect. They are also known for theirinherent qualities of forgiveness, generousity & compassion and hence termed as SHAKTI. Therefore,more number of days have been given to worship WOMEN in indian culture asNavratri(9days),Diwali(2days),Vasantpanchmi(1 day) etc.

Students should observe 9 days’ Anushthana (ritual) during Navratri of Saraswatya mantra(mantra ofGoddess of wisdom) for developing their mind and intellect. Even Elders, who have to do a lot ofIntellectual work should observe Fast(vrat) for 9 days for better mental capability and Stability.

One should take advantage of Navratri, atleast observe fast for one time, if cannot, should lessen theconsumption of salt in food. Avoid food 3 times a day during Navratri because the Sun is at its extreme.

Hence fasting concept is there in Navratri so that ‘pitta’ formed in body gets cleared.

Navratri offers shakti or energy to your body, Increases Internal power, Spiritual Power hence oneshould keep fast and observe rituals for nine days of Navratri.

It is believed that whatever resolve we take and start the rituals(Anushthana) along with fasting(vrat) gets fullfilled for sure.

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Importance of Shraadh – Prernamurti Bharti Shriji


What is Shraadh ?

Shraadh means the deed or rituals done with full devotion. Shraadh must be done . Lord SURYA abuses the people who doesnot do Shraadh as foolish and further he goes to dark hell. Lord Surya even says the one who doesnot do shraadh karma the rituals done by him is neither accepted by me nor Lord Narayana or any other God and gets the birth of swine.

Every God and Demigods have their specific days and dates of worship according to tithi, Similarly the Pitrus or ancestors have bright lunar fortnight aas their day , i.e Pitra Amavasya a significant day for Shraadh rituals ,Hence whether knowingly or unknowingly one must do Shraadh rituals.It is believed that Pitru’s leave in South direction.

3 things are of most importance in shraadh:-

While chanting mantra, when you say SWAHA it means you are offering a part of it to God.When you say SWADHA for three timrs it means your offering is for Pitru.Hence one should chant SWADHA three times for pitru and food offered with such significant chanting satisfies pitrus early.

Three things are considered to be pious in shraadh rituals:

Dauhit: Dauhit means the son of one’s daughter.

King yayati due to some of his deeds had gone to hell, his grandson(dauhit) did the shraaadh karma accordingly which relieved the king.

TEEL (sesame): Teel is believed to make our rituals safe from demons when offerd to Pitru.

ku-tap: doing shradh rituals during utap or sunset on Sarvapitri Amavasya day gives eminent rewards and pleases the Pitru.

Three main deeds of Humans are appreciated during Shraadh:-

Holy : Shraadh karma should beperformed pious and holy.

Shraadh karma should be avoided at dirty places.

Shraadh karma should be avoided during menses by lady.

Shraadh karma should be performed away from Alchohol and other such things.

Shraadh karma where to be performed, place must be daubed with cow dung.

Apkrodh: Means avoiding anger. On the Sarvpitri amavasya day our Pitru(ancestors) are around us, when a person gets angry it is disliken by pitru, hence one must avoid anger.

Precocity or Quickly : Shraadh karm should not be done quickly, it should be done with full devotion for pleasing the Pitru.

Three types of Humans are considered Holy or pious during Shraadh.

The one who chants mantra before having food.

The one who chants mantra while serving food.

The one who chants Ved-mantra during rituals

  • These basic rituals should be considered while performing Shraadh karma:
  • In food: Lentils (masoor), Peas (matar).
  • In rituals : lotus, bel leaves, dhatura , milk of sheep or goat and Mahua should be avoided from usage in shraadh rituals.
  • What should be used during Shraadh rituals ?
  • Grass(kusha), kedney bean(udad), Sakhi rice, Cows milk, ghee and honey.
  • Honey is considered to be most beloved for pitru, hence the use of honey must be done while preparing food for rituals.
  • Secondly ghee must bealso used for prepaation. For Example : ghee ke laddu.
  • What advantages do we get from Shraadh rituals for pitru ?
  • Increase in wealth and safeguards it.
  • Increase in the subjects or people and are safeguarded.Shraadh karma increases their Life and provides positive energy.
  • The beloved materials by Pitru should be donated to Brahman, which results in happiness of pitru and pouring of blessings.
  •          Humans have four debts in their life: Pitra, Demigod, Rishi and Human debts. One of them is Pitru debts  hence, one must perform Shraadh ritual to be relieved from Pitru debts.


Somvati Amavasya Vishesh – Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

  • maxresdefault

When a new moon day happens to be on a Monday,  it is called Somwati Amavasya.

On this Auspicious day,chanting God’s name, doing holy deeds and charity is considered to be greatly rewarding.

There is a norm for charity on new moon day and if the new moon day falls on Monday i.e Somvati Amavasya bathing in any river is considered to be auspicious .

Charity of black sesame seeds, rice,black cloth and grains of any kind,  and worshiping peeple tree , lightening  of lamp near peeple and tulsi are considered to be very auspicious.

Many people observe maun vrat or silence on Somvati Amavasya and break their silence after bathing in river. Charity, chanting Gods name by observing silence is extremely fruitful.

If Somavati Amavasya falls on Monday, I,.e  the day of worshiping Lord Shiva-that day is ideal for health and prosperity.

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Prabal Prem Ke Pale Padkar Bhajan – Prernamurti Bharti Shriji


Having got ensnared in the hold of strong love,

I saw God changing His rules.

Whether God gets respect or not,

I didn’t see a devotee’s respect get over.

One who has nobody in the world,

I saw Him accompanying such a person.

The world is immersed in selfishness

Under the control of love I saw it melting.

Ram ram………

Hare Krishna…..

Wherever there is strong love, God even changes his own rules. Krishna had said that he would not pick

up a weapon. But in front of Grandfather Bhishma’s vow Krishna did pick up a weapon saying that it is

my devotee’s wish that I should not pick up a weapon. Let my devotee’s respect be maintained. It does

not matter whether mine is maintained or not. 56 kinds of food items remained untouched but God is

happy eating green vegetables and banana peels. Fancy food items are not necessary. It is not necessary

that you have any language. That woman who deals in measuring weights-which language does she

know? She weighed the stuff precisely. Whatever she would weigh, she would weigh precisely.

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Prabal Prem Ke Bhajan – Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

Having got ensnared in the hold of strong love,

I saw God changing His rules.

Whether God gets respect or not,

I didn’t see a devotee’s respect get over.

One who has nobody in the world,

I saw Him accompanying such a person.

The world is immersed in selfishness

Under the control of love I saw it melting.

Ram ram………

Hare Krishna…..

Wherever there is strong love, God even changes his own rules. Krishna had said that he would not pick up a weapon. But in front of Grandfather Bhishma’s vow Krishna did pick up a weapon saying that it is my devotee’s wish that I should not pick up a weapon. Let my devotee’s respect be maintained. It does not matter whether mine is maintained or not. 56 kinds of food items remained untouched but God is happy eating green vegetables and banana peels. Fancy food items are not necessary. It is not necessary that you have any language. That woman who deals in measuring weights-which language does she know? She weighed the stuff precisely. Whatever she would weigh, she would weigh precisely.