Shanichari Amavasya – Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

4th June 2016, Shanichari Amavasya

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Shanichari Amavasya – Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

Shani Amavasya in year 2016 is on June 04. Shani is a Hindi word for the name of Saturn. In Hindu culture, Amavasya Day is not considered auspicious for initiating any good or important work or performing any sacred pooja function. However, this particular ‘Shani Amavasya’ is the only day that is regarded auspicious for performing any custom, rituals of fair traditions; except the other ones. This sacred day often comes one, two or very few times in a year. In both, Vedic Astrology and Hindu Mythology, planet Saturn is one the very powerful celestial body in Universe. For Hindu people, Saturn is Lord Shani who is depicted with black complexion. In many places of India, it can be noticed that people donate mustard oil to please Lord Shani. The person under influence of Shani Dasha or Saturn period must worship Lord Shani especially during Shani Amavasya. It is acknowledged that worshiping Lord Shani during Saturdays or on the day of Shani Amavasya help natives to reduce evil effects of planet Saturn. Saturn is very powerful and influencing planet. It can be both ‘malefic’ and ‘benefic’. If this planet is benefic then the native will definitely receive abundant prosperity and fortune in life. Many difficult tasks automatically be accomplished by the grace of Lord Shani. But, if this planet is not favourable in one’s horoscope, the native will certainly experience delays, difficulties, and types of different problems. Such person should not avoid worshipping Lord Shani on Saturday or especially on the day of Shani Amavasya. Remedies for Saturn can also be applied to reduce malefic effect of this planet.

What is Shani Amavasya?

It has already been mentioned above that ‘shani amavasya’ is a sacred day that comes when new- moon day is noticed particularly on Saturday. It is the only day that is considered favorable for bringing fortune and prosperity. However, Amavasya of all months are only considered for Shradh pooja or trapan to offer to dead ancestors and forefathers. But, Shani Amavasya is considered very favorable to perform sharadh pooja for forefathers. People who are facing obstacles or many difficulties in life and are not finding proper remedies can follow rituals and customs to delight Lord Shani on the day of Shani Amavasya. Therefore, Shani Amavasya 2016 is an auspicious day for Shradh 2016.

What can be done on Shani Amavasya?

However Shani Amavasya is said to be a propitious day for Hindu devotees, especially to perform ‘shradh’ or ‘trapan’ to dead ancestors, this day is also not auspicious to begin other auspicious work like expansion of new venture of business and so on. But it is sure that worshiping Lord Shani on this day certainly bestows the devotee immense blessings of this deity.

Significance of Apara Ekadashi – Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

Significance of Apara Ekadashi

Apara Ekadashi fast will be observed on 1st June, 2016 i.e Krishna Paksha of Jyeshtha month (which falls in june of Hindu calendar) This fast is believed to give auspicious and divine results. It also frees you from all kinds of sins. By observing this fast, a person becomes rich and wealthy. Such a person is also appreciated and receives fame…

According to the Hindu Scriptures, a person gets the same merits by observing Apara Ekadashi fast as he receives by taking a bath in the Ganges during the Kartik month. The importance of Apara ekadashi is the same as taking a bath in holy river Gomti, visiting Sri Kedarnath, staying in Badri Ashram or taking a holy dip in Kurukshetra during the solar eclipse.

The merits which one gets by observing Apara ekadashi fast are equivalent to those blessed by Yajnas or donating horses, elephants, gold etc. Even donating cows gives the same merits as fasting on Apara ekadashi. Apara ekadashi fast is a ray of light amidst the darkness of your sins. Therefore, a person observing this fast is blessed in life..


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Significance of Apara Ekadashi – Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

 Story Behind Apara Ekadashi 

A story has been mentioned about Apara Ekadashi in the religious scriptures. According to this story, there was a King named Mahidhwaj. His younger brother, Bajradhwaj, was not religious and was cunning. Bajradhwaj did not like his elder brother and was jealous of him. One night, he killed the King and buried his body beneath a Pipal tree..
The spirit of the King started residing on the Pipal tree.  The people in the surrounding places were terrified of this. One day, a saint named Dhaumya was passing by and talked to the restless spirit. He preached the spirit by his wisdom talk  and the spirit got down from the tree. The saint asked the King’s spirit to observe a fast on Apara Ekadashi in order to rest in peace. Hence, the King fasted and  as a result, attained liberation…

Apara Ekadashi Mahatmya – Prernamurti Bharti Shriji




Amlaki Ekadashi,Significance, Vrat katha vidhi,and Fasting Benefits — Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

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Significance of Amlaki Ekadashi, Vrat katha vidhi , mahatmay , Fasting Benefits

Amlaki Ekadashi,Significance, Vrat katha vidhi,and Fasting Benefits

Amalaki Ekadashi is a Hindu holy day ,celebrated on the 11th day (Ekadashi) of the waxing moon, in the lunar month of Phalgun (February–March). It is a celebration of the amalaka or amla tree  known as the Indian gooseberry.

Prernamurti  Bharti  Shriji  in these excrept of discourse has let us know the,Significance , Vrat Katha and Fasting  Bebefits Of Amlaki Ekadashi.Shriji said ” Do you know what it is? It’s Amla (Indian gooseberry).It is known as Aamalki. How did it originate?Lord Vishnu once spat.That drop fell on earth and from that one white dot was formed from which Aamalki tree originated.This tree is known as Vaishnav tree.On earth, amla is considered to be like elixir.The juice of Amla like elixir nourishes and gratifies the human body.

During the season of amla, any person who eats 3 amlas does not have to face any disease or hardships.For heart diseases, amla is like a boon.Eating amla jam, drinking amla juice along with honey, worshipping amla tree, using amla in various forms; it’s similar to a treasure of health for human beings.Hence you should worship Aamalki tree, eat amla without fail.

Amlaki Ekadashi Vrat katha and Mahatmay (Importance of Amlaki Ekadashi and story)

Deities had seen many types of trees before like Ashwath tree, but they were surprised after looking at this new tree and they started thinking – which tree is this, what fruit it gives and how did it originate?Then there was celestial announcement from sky.It said – Oh Deities, Lord Vishnu loves this Aamalki tree.In its roots – Lord Vishnu, on top of that – Lord Brahma and in its stem – Lord Rudra resides.In its branches – Deities and Rishis reside, in leaves – Vasu resides and in its flowers – Marudgan resides.Hence, this tree will be considered as the most holy tree.

Deities asked – Who are you, doing celestial announcement from sky?Then celestial announcement was made from sky – Oh deities, I am Lord Narayan, Lord Vishnu.This Aamalki tree which originated on earth, is a boon for human beings which destroys all the sins, will be considered as a holy tree.It’s chanting gives the fruit which is attained by donating cow.By touching it – fruit is doubled, and by eating it – fruit is tripled.Hence, human beings should consume amla.

Deities asked Lord Narayana – Oh Achyut, please tell us, by observing which fast the souls living in the mortal world will be benefited?The most kind lord said,” in falgun month , shukla paksh, pushya nakshatra dwadashi is considered to be the most auspicious date . A day before is Ekadashi and whosoever observes this fast near amla tree by awakening for the whole night , gets rid off all the sins.

Rituals ( vidhi ) and fasting method (vrat vidhi )

Deities asked Lord Vishnu”,How to observe and end this fast” . Lord said.. O’ Sages and deities, in the morning, clean your teeth with Neem stick, and take bath(in earlier times there used to be ponds or lakes to bathe) now in houses. Pray to lord Vishnu, O’ lord, I’ m observing this fast, you are the Supreme lord, you are Eternal,  who will eliminate all my sins and I am totally surrendered in your lotus feet.  Today, I will not eat anything, please shower your grace on me.  Take amla or soil of basil tree , put it all over you body, and chant

                              Ashwakrante Rathrante Vishnu krante vasundhare

                              Bhutike har main paapam janmkotyaam samarjitam

O’ Goddess earth, countless horses and chariots run over you. Lord Vishnu in ‘Vamana’ incarnation had covered you in a single step, I have been purifying myself by bathing with your soil, kindly get me rid off from all the sins, worries and distress.

 Then put the soil over your body and bathe. There is a mantra for bathing too. I will tell you the meaning of that mantra. While bathing, do pray to the goddess of water, O’ Goddess of water, you are the life line of all the creatures on the earth, you feed all types of creatures. Everywhere whether its well, river, pond, spring or lakes, bathing in every pilgrimage or temple or deity’s place, with this bath I will be getting the merit of bathing in all such pious places.


After bath, near the amla tree, purify the place under it by cleaning , place a pitcher near it and worship it. Considered as the abode of all deities, touching, eating its fruit, remembering, having darshnas of this tree is known to be  very beneficial for the entire mankind. Therefore, on this ekadashi, we should worship this tree by chanting


.If you cant remember these names, then chant OM VISHNAVE NAMAH,OM ANANATAYE NAMAH, OM ACHUTAYE NAMAH, OM GOVINDAYE NAMAH and worship this tree with kumkum, abir & gulal.

OFFER SALUTATION TO Amla tree by chanting’ Om vishnave namah, om govindaye namah’  and lit a diya ,do aarti and imagine you are personally worshipping the Lord. After this say, “dhoopam darshyami, deepam darshyami”..after that do 28 or 108 circumambulation(pradakshina) of this tree .

Benefits of Amlaki Ekadashi Fast

What do u get as the  fruit of waking up for the whole night on this day & worshipping is like a  bumper offer from Supreme Lord since present time is the time of bumper offers. One gets the fruits of all yajnas , charities, pilgrimages by worshipping this tree and observing Ekadashi fast. Lord Krishna said to yudhishtra, O’ king, I have told u the friuts of observing this fast which Supreme lord Vishnu had told to deities, this eliminates all the sins. Everyone must observe it. Do not forget to worship this tree and consuming its fruit on this day.

What food is to be consumed on Ekadashi ?

As  this ekadashi signifies the Amla, one should eat and worship amla on this day. Generally fruits, nuts, potato, sweet potato, olives, milk, ghee, sugar, coconut, ginger and black pepper.

To See Video Click  here…….Importance of Amalaki Ekadashi | Vrat katha in Hindi – Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

Significance Of Kamada Ekadashi– Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

vlcsnap-2015-07-12-05h21m10s550Lord Krishna said to Yudhistara O king! one should avoid Repudiation of Ekadashi  . Ekadashi fast attenuates Salvation. In kaliyuga Ekadashi fast has significance to get rid of materialistic world. The one having aim of salvation should follow Ekadahi fast. The four Purusarthas, Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksh all gets attainuated by person fasting on ekadashi. Ekadashi fast is endear to Lord Vishnu, and fasting attainuates enlightment and  makes free from worldly desires.

The Ekadashi falling on second sect of Purushottam maas is known as Kamda ekadashi. Kamda means the fullfilment of complete kamna or wish. The one fasting in precise manner becomes happy in  both the folds of world. Kamda ekadashi has significance of  most holy and felony Ekadashi.

What to do on Kamada Ekadashi ?

One should worship Lord Vishnu with friuts , flowers and offerings. one should make Repudiation of ten things on dashmi, eleven on ekadashi and twelve on dwadashi, what are those ??

How to be free from SINS??

How to be free from Worldly desires and attenuate salvation ??

To know more click below………

Importance Of Kamla Ekadashi(padmini)—Prernamurti Bharti Shriji


Yudhistira asked, O! Supreme master, which ekadashi falls in Adhik maas and what is the method to observe fast, what significance it has ? Pls tell me,

Divine lord said, O ! Yudhistara, Padmini Ekadasi is the Ekadashi, falling in the Adhik Maas. Padmini Ekadasi is known as kamala Ekadashi.

Padmini Ekadashi vrat katha

According to Lord Shri Krishna,a priest named Shiv sharma had five sons. One of his son gets indulged into bad company and thus performs bad deeds, hence came to be known as ‘Papachari’. Seeing his evil side his family members disowns him and asks him to leave the house. As a result, due to his bad deeds he had to wander around in the forests and suffered from long exile. One day while wandering around he reached Prayag from Devyoga. He saw the movement of people in ashram of saint Harimitra. He saw all the people listening to the Kamla Ekadashi katha on the auspicious day of Purushottama month. He overheard the katha and observed fast along with all other saints.

During night goddess Lakshmi appeared in front of him and told him that she is pleased with his devotion and fasting of Kamla Ekadashi, and Lord Vishnu has sent her. Goddess tells him that observing this fast gives freedom from the sins and bad deeds performed by the person in all lives. the Ekadashi day, is meant for total fasting. Praying to Shree Hari Vishnu is the order of the day. Some people avoid sleep during Ekadashi night and they hear religious discourses and perform Bhajan Kirtan.

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