Significance of Chaturmas


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“During Chaturmas one should observe Austerity as much as possible for one’s well beimg and spiritual upliftment”Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

Significance of Chaturmas

It is believed that Chaturmas (period of four months from July to October) commences from Devshayani Ekadashi and lasts till Prabodhini Ekadashi i.e. Devuthi Ekadashi.

During the period of Chaturmas, good deeds like AgnistomaYajna, auspicious deeds, travel of the king, etc. should not be performed.

Our culture originated from austerity.Observing fast is a part of this austerity.Lord Narayana performed austerity for thousands of years and after that created Brahmaji from his lotus navel.When Brahmaji awakened after performing austerity for thousands of years, Lord Narayana ordered him to create the world.So, austerity lies in the roots of our world.

In simple terms, the more gold burns, the more it becomes finer.If milk is not boiled properly, then milk curdles. But if boiled properly, then it lasts longer.

In our daily life, we see that when things undergo some hardship, then only they become valuable and useful for others.Also, the tar roads on which vehicles run also undergo hardships; that tar is burned first, it is spread across and then roads are constructed.

Hence, in the daily life of human, austerity should be there.

Observing Ekadashi fast is a part of this austerity.The more human performs austerity, the more his life progresses and he attains peace, happiness and wealth.

Therefore, observing ekadashi fast is considered to be best fast.

In your daily life, refraining yourself from following the daily routine, facing hardships , doing things opposite to the daily routine, is called as austerity.For instance, you have your meals two to four times a day, but if you observe ekadashi fast, it is different from your daily routine of eating food. It is austerity for you.

During the period of Chaturmas; having meals only once a day, taking vow to refrain from eating your favorite food, doing japa specific number of times, kindle lamp(diya) for God, giving alms to poor or Brahmin, offer milk or water to Lord Shiva. Any type of small or big rule should be there in your life.

Beneficial Rules for chaturmas (niyam for chaturmas) :

  • During the period of Chaturmas, if you follow the rule to avoid eating jaggery, your life will become melodious.
  • By avoiding intake of oil, one gets blessed with a long-lived child.
  • During Chaturmas, if use of perfumed oil is refrained, then prosperity increases.
  • By following the rule of avoiding intake of betel leaves (paan), one gets material enjoyment (bhog samagri) and voice becomes melodious.
  • By abstaining ghee, charm and beauty of the skin increases.
  • By abstaining milk and curd, one gets the happiness equivalent to that in paradise (Golok).
  • By abstaining unhusked rice (dhaan), rice and barley (jau),one gets the fruit of performing Ashvamedh yajna.
  • If someone likes fruits but he refrains from eating fruits during Chaturmas, he gets blessed with many boys.
  • By eating food on lotus leaves, one does not have to suffer from the pain of hell.
  • By doing 108 circumambulations (parikrama) of temple, peepal tree (sacred fig) andfive Dev Vruksha (sacred trees), one gets the happiness of sitting in Dev Viman(sacred flight).
  • By sleeping on ground, one does not get any disease till ten thousand years.
  • By eating on leaves of Palash, one gets blessed with resourcefulness (sadhan sampannata) and beauty of skin increases.
  • Lots of fasts are there but during Chaturmas, if someone takes meal only once a day and observes silence (maun) means refrains from talking, even deities cannot disobey his orders.

Hence, during Chaturmas, by doing bhajan, worship, sadhana, japa and austerity; one attain fruits in multiples of crores.

Benefits of following Rules in Chaturmas:

During Chaturmas, one should certainly follow some or the other small rule. Abstain your favorite thing, which will be austerity for you. Austerity helps one to grow and succeed. Things attained by performing austerity in life, last for a longer time. Austerity is present in both beginning and continuance of this world. When temperature of sun increases, it rains. When earth becomes hot, it cultivates good food. When gold is heated, it turns into beautiful ornaments. Similarly, the more austerity is performed, the more life prospers and one becomes capable and strong. Therefore, during Chaturmas, one should certainly follow some rules; even a small rule will help you grow.

The above life inspiring words are the excerpts of spiritual discourses by PRERNAMURTI BHARTI SHRIJI, who is a renowned spiritual leader …an inspiration beyond imagination. PRERNAMURTI BHARTI SHRIJI has undertaken and always strives best  for betterment and upliftment of the mankind through various religious  and socialactivities.clickfor Youtube channel here.