RISHI PANCHAMI – 6th September,2016



                    India is a country famous for its culture, customs, rituals, festivals, religious practices and above all its strong  spiritual foundation laid by Saints & Sages(rishis). Hindus considered their Saints and Sages as their forefathers and that these Saints  and Sages were  head of their families. That is where the Hindus got their Gotras and the Gotras were named after these Sages. Even today Hindus believe that these Sages protect their families from all evils  so in order to show respect and honour to these sages, this day is celebrated as Rishi Panchami.

                    Rishi Panchami is celebrated on the fifth day of Shukla Paksha(waxing period of moon) in the Hindu month of Bhadrapada(mid Aug-mid sept) . On this day Hindus pay homage to these Seven Sages – Sapt Rishis- Kashyap, Atri, Bhardwaj, Vishwamitra, gautam, Jamdagni & Vashishtha.
                    Men and women observe fast on this day to get rid of their sins done knowingly or unknowingly. Women celebrate  Rishi Panchami Fast  with great devotion. There are certain rules & regulations which women are supposed to follow during their menstrual periods failing which they have to observe this fast of Rishi Panchami to get rid of from the’ Dosha’ they acquire.
                   Rituals :-
                   On this day, one should get up early in the morning and take bath in holy river. Then, the Sapt Rishi along with Arundhati are installed and worshipped with full devotion and rituals. One who is observing fast must listen to the tale signifying its glory as written in the scriptures. The things which can be consumed are Curd and Sathi rice. Salt and the edibles grown under ground like potatoes etc. should be avoided. Try to have food only once in the day.
                                For more details pls visit http://www.prernamurti.com

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