Guru Purnima — Day Of Infinite Grace

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The Glory of a Guru cannot be explained in words, even our scriptures failed to completely describe the Glory of Guru — Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

Guru Purnima — Day Of Infinite Grace

Guru Poornima is the day of Infinite Grace being showered  by Guru on his disciples in the form of Spiritual Discourse or through their Divine Eyes (shaktipaat) or by prasadam in physical form.A true spiritual seeker has to make himself receptive to receive the grace of the Guru. A true disciple is one who dissolves himself completely in the Lotus Feet of Guru to get the grace and Guru makes disciple ONE with Himself.

For a spiritual seeker to attain salvation, the guidance of Spiritual Master (Sadguru/Guru) is must. Prachetas performed austerity for thousands of years, they got darshan of Lord Narayana, Lord Shiva; even then they did not experience that eternal happiness within. When they got Naradji as their Spiritual Master, through the path of salvation they attained eternal knowledge and bliss.

Only degrees and certificates are not enough to survive, one has to get the practical experience in any field to move ahead. Similarly, certificates of penance are not enough for a spiritual seeker; he has to take refuge in the lotus feet of a Guru to gain the practical experience to attain salvation.Even if one is passionless (biranchi/virakt) like Lord Shiva, even then he needs a spiritual master.

Guru bin bhav nidhi tarahi naa koyi,
Chaahe biranchi shankar sam hoii…

In this ocean of materialistic world, Guru is like a sailor who rows the boat of discourse and helps to traverse this huge ocean. In the company of a spiritual master; negative energy gets converted into positive energy, one becomes free from desires and gets liberated from the cycle of birth and death, which cannot be attained in the company of God himself…!! To opt for any life insurance policy, an agent is required. Similarly, to get the insurance of God, guru plays the role of an agent.

Glory of a Guru

The Glory of a Guru cannot be explained in words, even our scriptures failed to completely describe the Glory of Guru.If one losses everything in life but has the blessings of Guru with him and devotion for his Guru, he will definitely prosper again in life. Kabirji said – One should take darshan of his Guru daily, if it is not possible daily then take darshan once in week, if not possible in a week then go to take darshan once in 15 days, if that is not possible then go once in a month, if that is also not possible, then he should start preparations for his burial. The reason behind this is, only the company of a Guru can help one to walk and survive on the path of salvation; the more often one seeks company of a guru, the more quickly he attains salvation.So, we should try to make all our activities or Karmas , a process of liberation and not a bondage.

The Grace is there for everybody but its upto you how you make yourself available to it.

The above life inspiring words are the excerpts of spiritual discourses by PRERNAMURTI BHARTI SHRIJI, who is a renowned spiritual leader …an inspiration beyond imagination. PRERNAMURTI BHARTI SHRIJI has undertaken and always strives best  for betterment and upliftment of the mankind through various religious  and socialactivities.clickfor Youtube channel here.

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