‘GYAN KI GEHRAI’ (THE DEPTH OF WISDOM)—Prernamurti Bharti Shriji


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We take the golden opportunity to present some rare question answer series which took place between Highly Revered, our Compassionate Mother ,Sh. Sh.Ma Laxmi Devi and some women devotees, or spiritual seekers to quench their spiritual thirst .

We hope this series of question answers will help many people on the path of spirituality:

Devotee: Ma, what is the most valuable thing for a Sadhak?

MA:  The most valuable thing in a sadhak’s life is TIME. Every sin can be repented, but there is no repentance for non utilization of time. The time , once gone, never comes back. There is no way we can repent for this sin. So, always do optimum utilization of time. Always be careful that even one second of yours does not go wasted in unnecessary tasks.

Devotee: Ma, we don’t get time to do Sadhna(spiritual practices), when to do it?

Ma: Morning 4-8 and evening 6-11 is the ample time for you. You don’t have to worry about 3 time’s  meals, that you get anyways. But the truth is that you don’t have that ‘tadap’( intense yearn). One who has that urge , takes time out for it. A fish who lives in water has no value for water, same is the case with you. All of you have got the permission to live in the ashram, that’s why you cant even imagine the hardships we have gone through during the period of our sadhna. One who has even a little bit of interest towards God, he will automatically develop the trait of ‘vairagya’(detachment).

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