Permenant Shelter–Prernamurti Bharti Shriji


Baghel Khand, Bandhav Garh. There lived a King, called Veer Singh. The person who served Veer Singh, Shri Senji was a very kind man. He had family ties with the royal family. His ancestors were barbers who served the royal family’s ancestors. Shri Senji also served King Veer Singh. Senji’s routine consisted of regularly going to the King, trimming his beard, applying oil, cutting his hair, massaging it and giving him a bath. But Shri Senji had taken the shelter of God. He had taken the shelter of devotion to God. He had also taken the shelter of Saints. He loved doing their service. Some people say we believe in God but we don’t believe in any Gur(SpiritualMaster). But one who believes in God cannot survive without believing in Saints. One who cannot believe in Saints, what belief can he have in God!?

Even the Supreme Lord Krishna  says, “O’Udhav! Saints are the most dear to me! I always follow them, wherever They reside. Udhav!Saints are most dear to me!” God leaves His Godliness and massages THE Lotus Feet OF saints’ . Lord Krishna used to massage Sage Durvasa’s feet. God Himself had picked up plates in which Saints had eaten, after the Rajsuya Yajna . He Himself is God, yet he does not miss rendering service to saints. But those who out of false ego, think themselves to be the supereme and say that they do not believe in any Guru, they are the most foolish people on the earth. We don’t believe in any Guru. We don’t believe in saints. We believe only in God. We believe only in Baanke Bihari (a name of Lord Krishna). So, brother, you believe in Baanke Bihari. Do you believe in Baanke Bihari for Baanke Bihari’s sake or to have faith in Him? Do you believe only in His form and if you believe in His principles, then you will not be able to survive without surrendering to Saints. Because, where God surrenders,  what value does your surrender carry? Lord Krishna and Rukmini(His wife) pulled Sage Durvasa’s chariot. Durvasa was alert, if there is any sign of grudge on Rukmini’s face. Now there is no sign of grudge on either Lord Krishna’s countenance or on Rukmini’s. So the sage says, “Krishna! Doesn’t it occur to you as to how tender Rukmini can pull a chariot?” Lord Krishna replied, “O’ revered Sage! This is our good fortune that we have got such an opportunity to serve supremely generous saints like you. I am fortunate. From that itself Lord Krishna got a boon.“ So Durvasa offered kheer to God in the form of an offering which had been given by Saints. What importance is attributed to Saints! Ordinary people cannot understand this.

Shri Sen was a server of Saints. He liked serving them. One day, it so happened that Shri Sen had set out from his house. Then a gathering of Saints passed by chanting, “Hare Rama, Hare Rama..”There is sweetness in God’s name. If I say “Jaggery, jaggery..” then no sweetness is felt in one’s mouth. If I say “chilli…” then no hot sensation is felt in the mouth. If I say “sugar…” then no sweetness is felt in the mouth. But if I say “Rama…” then sweetness is felt in the mouth. You will have to believe this. The heart becomes sweet.  This you will have to believe. If you chant God’s name properly even once, the heart becomes sweet and is filled with the nectar of life.

Hare Rama, Hare Rama…

Now Shri Sen while singing kirtan(devotional song) got entranced and started dancing. Emotions sprung up and his heart was filled with devotion. He forgot that the King had told him to come daily and complete his work of a barber. It was work entrusted to him for a long time. He forgot. He started surrendering himself at the divine feet of Saints. He asked the Saints to come to visit his house. They refused initially, but he insisted and said ‘how can you leave this village without visiting my house’? So they agreed. One who takes the shelter of God remains worriless and fearless. They remain in a mirthful state. When a devotee becomes worriless and takes the shelter of God, then He too fills your empty place. But if you have more faith in worldly shelter than in God, you are no where. God is supremely dear and compassionate.

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