Navratri Special–Prernamurti Bharti Shriji


The nine days of navratri falling duing the month of Sharad (as per hindi calendar between October-November) & Chaitra (between march and april) have significance of worshiping women as SHAKTI(strength)

Generally , we celebrate two Navratri in a year, one for playing dandiya (Sharad Navratra) and one forobserving fasts and other rituals(Chaitra Navratra).What is women empowerment (Shakti)-

SHAKTI the name itself indicates, is the power, which works as a driving force for men. Women serve aspower house for the achievement of wealth ,Life, success& respect. They are also known for theirinherent qualities of forgiveness, generousity & compassion and hence termed as SHAKTI. Therefore,more number of days have been given to worship WOMEN in indian culture asNavratri(9days),Diwali(2days),Vasantpanchmi(1 day) etc.

Students should observe 9 days’ Anushthana (ritual) during Navratri of Saraswatya mantra(mantra ofGoddess of wisdom) for developing their mind and intellect. Even Elders, who have to do a lot ofIntellectual work should observe Fast(vrat) for 9 days for better mental capability and Stability.

One should take advantage of Navratri, atleast observe fast for one time, if cannot, should lessen theconsumption of salt in food. Avoid food 3 times a day during Navratri because the Sun is at its extreme.

Hence fasting concept is there in Navratri so that ‘pitta’ formed in body gets cleared.

Navratri offers shakti or energy to your body, Increases Internal power, Spiritual Power hence oneshould keep fast and observe rituals for nine days of Navratri.

It is believed that whatever resolve we take and start the rituals(Anushthana) along with fasting(vrat) gets fullfilled for sure.

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