Gross Subtle— Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

Prernamurti Bharti Shriji explains here the subtle in nature and in same way how we can experience the bliss in this materialistic world !!

Gross Subtle

“One who experiences bliss just like that knows from his heart what is bliss. One will have to experience it because an object that is gross in nature is visible. Just like this is visible to you; the cloth is visible to you; the human body is visible to you. More subtle than the human body is blood running through the body. It is not visible from the outside and if you insert a needle then even blood will be visible. After blood come the arteries and veins and nerves. Insert a needle anywhere you will not be able to find the veins. But if you cut it the nerve gets cut and is visible. Go beyond that. More subtle than that are the small and fine blood vessels which are not visible in the body and the brain. You cannot break this. Thatis why they are not visible. Yet they are visible when a post mortem is done when the body is taken to hospital. They are visible as very minute during the post mortem. This is what students study and become doctors. If you go beyond that then what is the most subtle object? It is life force. Life force is subtle. Break it. Insert a needle. Break the brain. Even then you will not be able to see life force becauseit is subtle. Breath is subtle. Whether it is flowing or not, whether a man is alive or not- one can perceive that. To find out if breath is moving or not you can keep a hand and find out. You experience it, isn’t it?
You experience it through your skin that breath is flowing or not. It is not visible, air is not visible. Thismeans that the more gross an object is that much it is visible with these physical eyes. The more subtle an object is, it will not be visible but one can feel it. It is natural for gross objects to be visible but it is natural for subtle objects to be felt. Jaggery is visible but one can experience taste, one can feel wind but it is not visible; wind is experienced. What is the nature of wind? It does not have any name, it lacks form. A cold wind is blowing, a sweet wind is felt. Just show me where is wind. Try and catch wind. You cannot show it because wind is subtle. That subtlety can be felt. So what is the most subtle object in the whole cosmos? All-pervading God is present in every atom. He is so subtle. How will He be visible? Even for that you need a heart which can experience. So God is subtle. One can experience Him. Someone says – We do not experience Him, we cannot see Him. You will be able to see Him when you see Him.
You will be able to get the sweetness of jiggery when you break it and keep it in your mouth. That much effort you will have to put in. The spiritual texts and saints describe God. God is subtle. God is non-transient. God’s nature is bliss. God’s nature is happiness. God is all-pervading. So even for this one needs a heart where this can be perceived. And in whose heart is this experienced? The funny thing is 
that out of 84 lakh life forms man has such a heart where a reflection of God can be shed”.

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The above life inspiring words are the excrepts of spiritual discourses by PRERNAMURTI BHARTI SHRIJI, who is a renowed spiritual leader …an inspiration beyond imagination. PRERNAMURTI BHARTI SHRIJI has undertaken and always strives best  for betterment and upliftment of the mankind through various religious  and social activities.

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