PADMA EKADASHI— Prernamurti Bharti Shriji


Namo Narayan.

Ekadashi of Bhadra Shukla Paksha is known as Padma Ekadashi.In a way, each and every Ekadashi is important in its own.Today I am going to depict the importance of Ekadashi of Bhadra Shukla Paksha which is known asPadma Ekadashi.Brahmaji narrated an incident to Naradji which reveals the importance of Padma Ekadashi.King Mandhata was born in Suryavansh.He was very religious, honest and spiritual.Because of his religiousness and honesty, he became Raj Rishi from Raja (King).His kingdom never suffered from drought.Nobody was suffering from any disease.His people were also engaged in religious activities.

Due to some deeds, Raj Rishi Mandhata’s kingdom suffered from drought for 3 years.It did not rain at all.King said – When I ponder in my past, I don’t remember that I did any injustice to anybody.Whenever a king does injustice to his people, it’s natural that his kingdom has to suffer from natural calamities like – earthquake, excessive rain, flood and drought.But, I don’t think that I did any such injustice with my people because of which they will have to suffer from drought for three years…!

Even then, I might have done some sin in past due to which my people are dying of starvation.I should think of some remedy for this.King along with his few people went to jungle.There in jungle they got darshan of Angira Rishi.They were very happy after getting darshan of Angira Rishi.Angira rishi asked the king about the well-being of his kingdom.King said – I am aware and understand that I did not do any injustice with my people.Even then why is my kingdom suffering from drought of rainfall?Rishi Angira said – King, you are correct…!You are so religious because of which your people are happy and wealthy.Even then if it did not rain for 3 years, there is one reason for that which I am able to understand.Right now, religion is favorable in all respects.Here, in Satyug, Brahmins are considered to be great ascetics and the best.But, in your kingdom one Kshudra (poor man) is doing austerity.

You prevent it. Oppose it. Because of this only it is not raining in your kingdom.Then king said – First of all, he is worshiping God. Shall I prevent it?Secondly, he is doing austerity.I can’t do this mischief..!Then Angira rishi said – If that’s the case, then you do one thing.Ekadashi of Bhadra Shukla Paksha is known as Padma Ekadashi.If you observe fast on Padma Ekadashi then with the grace of Lord Narayan, Meghraja (King of Rain) will overwhelm your kingdom with water.Then king along with his people formally observed fast on Padma Ekadashi as told by Angira rishi.After observing its fast, king gave alms to Brahmin consisting of a pitcher full of water, curd and rice.On Dwadashi, after this donation, his kingdom got plenty of rain.Meghraja was pleased. Earth was suffused with water.King and his people, both were happy.After observing fast on Padma Ekadashi, on Dwadashi, while giving alms to Brahmin consisting of a pitcher full of water, curd and rice, the following Mantra should be recited:

Namo Namaste Govinda.

Budha Shravana Sangyaka.

Aghauga sanshayam krutva.

Sarva Saukhya pradobhava.

Bhukti mukti pradashchaiva.

Lokanam sukh dayakaha.


He Govinda, you are also known as Budha Shravan.

I bow before you.

You destroy my sins and provide me happiness in all respects.

To us, sacred people observing Ekadashi fast, you provide bhog (enjoyment) and moksha (liberation).

I bow before you again and again.

Coming ekadashi is known as Indira Ekadashi.

By observing its fast, the ancestors who are living in inferior births (Nich Yoni) attain a superior state.

But you take benefit of Padma Ekadashi today.

Narayan Narayan Narayan Narayan Narayan Narayan hari hari.

Shriman Narayan Narayan Narayan Narayan Narayan Narayan hari hari

Hari Narayan Narayan Narayan Narayan Narayan Narayan hari hari.


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