Importance of Rishi Panchami


A revered person must always remain revered.When you insult a person who is more revered than you, then only destruction of manbegins.And due to ego, human insults people who are more revered.Elders, rishis, saints should be respected, they deserve it.God must be respected, he deserves it.Once king of deities Indra also fell prey to ego and insulted guru Brihaspati.Then what…!! Guru became angry because of disrespect.Due to curse of guru, Indra started wandering here and there.Eagle looks for a weak bird from top itself and then attacks it.Similarly, when king Nahush saw that Indra’s kingdom was taken away from him, due toinsult of guru his power had diminished; he forcefully captured Indra’s kingdom andstarted ruling heaven.King Nahush was sexually aroused by looking at Indra’s wife Shachi.lust is always blind. Lust does not have any eyes.Thus, when both lust and anger are aroused, one should open the eye of wits.King Nahush started looking at Indra’s wife Indrani / Shachi with bad intensions.Now, to get Shachi he was ready to go to any extent.Because of Nahush’s fear, Shachi took refuge in Gurumata, wife of guru Brihaspati.Shachi humbly prayed to her and said that Nahush started looking at her with bad intensions.Please protect me. And who else is there is this world apart from you who can protect me?

Gurumata took pity on her and told guru Brihaspati to forgive king Indra.Nahush was becoming impatient to get Shachi in any which way.Raja Nahush told guru Brihaspati that he wants Shachi in any which way.How is it possible for a religious woman to bear insult of a woman with good character?Guru Brihaspati said – If you want Shachi then you will have to make sedan chair(palaki) of rishi’s, sit on their shoulders and come along.

If a respected person is insulted by any person than surely the destruction of person who insults is bound to happen.

King Nahush was ready to do anything.He called rishi’s and said – I want to keep the sedan chair on your shoulders and go toheaven on the sedan chair, then I will get Indrani.Rishis tried a lot to make him understand that whatever he is doing is not correct and ethical.You are inviting your own destruction by insulting the rishis.But Nahush was not in a condition to listen to anything because he became blind in lust.

One who becomes blind in sex does not listen even to his well-wishers.He thinks that these people are giving me wrong advice.King Nahush made rishis his vehicle and travelled by sitting on their shoulders.Not only this, when the rishis were walking slowly he taunted them and even screamed at them.Durvasa rishi became angry and cursed him.While cursing King Nahush, Durvasa rishi said – Go ! You became so much blind in lust that you insulted the rishis.

The rishis – who should be respected, who are considered to be the deities of knowledge, you tried to ride over them….!!! You become a dragon.Now king Nahush became said. He though – Oh my God, what have I done…!!!

When sorrow comes then only one thinks of God…That’s why it’s rightly said – Remember God in happiness so that sorrow will never come.Now king Nahush took refuge at his feet and asked – When will I get liberated from this curse?Then rishis said – After ages, religious king Yudhisthira will incarnate on this earth.After taking his darshan, you will get liberation from this curse.Then king Nahush said – I have done so much of austerity, worshiped Lord Shri Hari,what is the fruit of that?Then rishis said – After getting liberation from this curse, you will get fruit of worshipping Lord Hari.Then king Nahush decided that he will never insult rishis who are superior to him in knowledge.

This Rishi Panchami is the auspicious day to worship Rishis, Saints and Guru’s.If one insults or touches saints in unholy state or ill sentiments, then he should fast on Rishi Panchami and eat curd and rice of ‘saathi’.Let me tell you the names of seven rishis:Rishi Vishvamitra, Rishi Jamadagni, Rishi Atri, Rishi Bharadwaj, Rishi Kashyap, RishiVashishtha, Rishi Gautam One should meditate on and worship these seven rishis today as part of ritual of Rishi Panchami.

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