Why Ganeshji is known as Vighnaharta?—Prernamurti Bharti Shriji


Om Gananam Ganapatim Havamahe

Nidhinam nidhipatim havamahe

Vighneshwaraya varadaya surpriyaya

Vakratunda mahakaya suryakoti samaprabha

You might have understood by now that these are Mantras of Shri


Lord Ganesh is known by different names like – Vighneshwar , Vakratunda,

Ekdanta, Gajvadan, Gauripriya, etc

Before starting any new task, you say that we have to do its ‘Shri


Means, whenever you start to perform a task smoothly without any hurdles

or you start to perform an auspicious task, then you specifically name it that

you want to do its ‘Shri Ganesh’…

Be it any auspicious task, marriage, vastu pooja of home, yajna or any

other small or big auspicious tasks, or Pran Pratishtha – consecration of an

idol in temple ; to carry out any task without obstacles , the ritual of

worshiping Lord Ganesh is followed.

To perform the task successfully Lord Ganesh is worshiped – who does not

know this??

The charurthi of Shukla paksha of Bhaadrapada month is known as

‘Ganesh Chaturthi’.

It is said that on this day Lord Ganesh incarnated from Shivji and Parvatiji.

It is believed that on this day, one should not see the moon.

It is said that one who looks at the moon will be falsely accused.

The one and only Lord who takes way all the obstacles of human beings

and beings about holiness is Lord Ganesh.

Now, why is Lord Ganesh named as – VIGNAHARTA?

There is a small story behind it which I shall tell you now.

Whenever you do a yajna, all the deities for whom you do the yajna, get

something from the yajna.

Once King Abhinandan performed ‘Indra Bhaag Shunya’ yajna.

Indra Bhaag Shunya means – Indra should not get any part of the yajna, it

was done in that manner.

Indra became angry and annoyed.

He prayed to Kalpurush to make his yajna unsuccessful.

Now Kalpurush started wandering in all the 3 loks.

To destroy yajna of Abhinandan, Kalpurush incarnated in the form of


Vighnasur means one who puts obstacles in the way. Those are Asur who

put obstacles in any auspicious deed.

May be that’s why Lord Ganesh is specifically named as ‘Vighna Harta’.

Vighnasur / Kalpurush started destroying the auspicious yajna.

Kalpurush started wandering in all the 3 loks.

He killed Abhinandan.

Vashishtha and other rishis were much tensed thinking that if so many

obstacles are put in the way by Asur while a person is doing yajna than

who will do holy deeds?

In tension, they went to Brahmaji.

Brahmaji told them that they should praise Lord Ganesh.

Now, Vashishtha and other rishis praised and invoked Lord Ganesh.

Lord Ganesh was pleased and he defeated Vighnasur.

Vighnasur took refuge in Lord Ganesh.

Thereafter, Lord Ganesh is named as ‘Vighnaraj’.

Therefore, whichever tasks are performed without the worship and

commemoration of Vighneshwar Lord Ganesh, definitely obstacles come in

the way of those tasks.

One who starts an auspicious task only after worshipping Lord Ganesh, all

his obstacles take refuge in GaneshJi.

Come on, say – “We praise God Vighneshwar Maharaj….!!!”

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