Rishi Panchami – Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

vlcsnap-2015-09-15-17h58m49s218 Prernamurti Bharti Shriji here through her humanitrian and peaceful voice conveys a message of always obeying the elders and respected persons through the story of Rishi Panchmi,

Prernamurti Bharti Shriji dictum “Revered person must remain sacred,When you insult the revered personality, then begins the destruction of man.and ego came in human and insults most sacred personalitysElders, the elderly, the sage of sages, saints should be respected they deserves honor.God must be respected, deserves the honor.once for King of deity Indra also has a similar arrogance.Indra, the king of deity drunk with arrogance insulted the master Jupiter.What was that? Due to insulting Guru Guru became angry, due to cursed Indra became wandered here and there. Eagle picks up bird watching as vulnerable and at the same it pounce to kill it.Similarly, when the king Nahusha saw Indra’s country was sntached is the stateDue to offend the master he has diminished the power of himself.

The king Nahusha has forcefully snatched indra’s country and the heaven of Indra began to rule it.concupiscence has no eyes, and anger that arise when concupiscence should open the eyes of conscience.Indrani husband of Indra the King Nahusha on the wrong track on Shachi and he became now get ready to go to any extent to be,due to his fear sachi, went to the feet of Jupiter’s wife as well her guru mother.she prayed to her and with expressions of humility she said that king Nahusha his eye towards me has been impaired, is wrong.Who in this world except you and me to protect You can protect me.Guru was given mercy on sachi and mother and told his master, to Jupiter said that to Forgive indra,Nahusha was getting eager to obtain sachi in any way King Nahusha said to master Jupiter that in any how i want sachi for that what should i do?A religious allegiance woman is how could see a disgrace of a woman, the master said to Jupiter thatif want Shachi then making of sages sedan you will have to come sit on his shoulder. Tell, respected person became offended and insulted by a person who must surely be the destruction of the individual must understand this.King Nahusha was ready to do anything and he called sages of the sedan lay me on your shoulders, i sit on this sedan and will go to heaven then i will get indrani.Extremly sages explained to him what you’re doing are not okay are not right.You insult the saints, and are you invited to your own destruction?but Where was Nahusha the listener?,because of the lust person who is blind in his concupiscence that he never pay heeds to words of dicretion and well wishers. Is giving me the wrong advice. King

Nahusha where he made his saints as his riding, and he sat on their shoulders and took a ride.even the saints walked slowly, also he hit their little body and shouted aloudly at them.Sage Durvasa became angry and cursed him Sage Durvasa, what was then?while King Nahusha cursed by the sage Durvasa, sage Durvasa told him that he become so blind in his lust. You have insulted the saints,The sages who must be respected Which is considered to be the god of wisdomand you have tried to ride them, you become a dragon.Now King Nahusha hurt, and the king Nahusha felt oh! What have I done? And when the pain is so remember the most is the Lord. That’s to say in pleasure if you’ll do in the remembrance of God, then the sorrow never comes. Now the king Nahusha fell on their feet of the sages.And when will i get rid of the curse?The sages said, after long time the pious King Yudhisthira will incarnate on earth, His philosophy you’ll be free from the dragon state.Then the king said Nahusha I have so austere,worshiped Lord Shri Hari, then whats the worship of the fruit thereof?The sages said, after the liberation of the curse is the fruit of worshipping of Lord shrihari.Now the king Nahusha decides sages ever best in the knowledge they should not be insulted.A Rishi Panchami sages worship, worship of saints, worship of gurus on this auspicious Day.if anyway in profane stage, Some expressions have insulted Glory or touched the sages, then must observe vow on this day Rishi Panchami and Eating yogurt and Satte rice is a legislation.tell you the names of 7 sages, Rishi vishwamitra, Rishi jamadagni, Rishi Atri, Rishi Bharadwaj,Rishi Kashyap, Rishi Vashisht, Rishi Gautam are the sages by mediatating them and one should worship the worship of Rishi Panchami today ,and complete the vow”.


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