Krishna- The Real Hero – Prernamurti Bharti Shriji


The great exponent of the Bhagavad Gita,Lord Krishna is one of the most powerful incarnations of Lord Vishnu, the Godhead of the Hindu Trinity of deities.

Of all the Lord Vishnu avataras he is the most popular, and perhaps of all Hindu gods the one closest to the heart of the masses.

The Importance of Being Krishna

For generations, Lord Krishna has been an enigma to some, but God to millions, who go ecstatic even as they hear his name. People consider Lord Krishna their leader, hero, protector, philosopher, teacher and friend all rolled into one. Lord Krishna has influenced the Indian thought, life and culture in myriad ways. He has influenced not only its religion and philosophy, but also into its mysticism and literature, painting and sculpture, dance and music, and all aspects of Indian folklore.

The birthday of Lord Krishna is called Janmashthami, a special occasion for Hindus that is celebrated around the world. The birth of Lord Krishna is in itself a transcendental phenomenon that generates awe among the Hindus and overwhelms one and all with its supra mundane happenings.

Baby Krishna: Killer of Evils

Stories about Lord Krishna’s exploits abound. Legends have it that on the very sixth day of his birth, Lord Krishna killed lady demon Putna by sucking on her breasts. In his childhood, he also killed many other mighty demons, such as Trunavarta, Keshi, Aristhasur, Bakasur, Pralambasur et al. During the same period he also killed Kali Nag  and made the holy water of river Yamuna poison free.

Lord Krishna’s Childhood Days

Lord Krishna made cowherdesses happy by the bliss of his cosmic dances and the soulful music of his flute. He stayed in Gokul, the legendary ‘cow-village’ in Northern India for 3 years and 4 months. Having completed his Lila or exploits at Gokul, he went to Vrindavan and stayed until he was 6 years and 8 months old.

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