Spiritual Experience – Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

In this sect here is an spiritual experience of a devotee by the grace of  Prernamurti Bharti Shriji
“My name is Asvinbhai Patel .I am  from Rajkot . From the last 30 years, I was working as a manager in  Africa’s petroleum company. There by my wife informed me about  my  younger son’s illness that he has infected pancreas so I immediately went to Rajkot from Africa. We made our child undergo various traetments in different Hospitals, shown to him to soecialized doctors and Vaidyas but nowhere we got good results.  Further unfortunately kidney got infectious and lung was filled with water and the infection reached intestine atlast.  Now as was he  taking his last breath, The doctors put him on a ventilator and atlast lost hopes and made their hands up.  I was totally oversaturated. At this stage by God’s grace I remembered ‘ Jaha Dawa kaam nai karti vaha Dua kaam karti he’ and remembered to take blesseings from  Prernamurti Bharti Shriji..
Luckily I and my son got darshan and in Her Holy Voice , Shriji said that ‘Do not  worry, All will be well, keep faith in GOD.Shriji gave us some tips and the Blessed Mantra . My eyes shed into tears, after getting the ray of light in such darkness…the last hope for my child.. I believed in Shrijis words and after seeking blessings I took my child and did as SHRIJI  said continuously for few days and what I saw was unbeilevabke by todays doctors and science. My son’s health began to improve, deteriorated organs started showing working in the body. And the result of  blessings that  my child is healthy now. I took my child for SHRI DARSHANAM  too after he recovered.My only wish is that me and my family’s devotion to the Lotus feet of Prernamurti Bharti Shriji should keep growing. My whole family is already worshiping Shriji as our mother goddess Uma and should worship the same as it has always been my wish.”

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