Naag Panchmi– Prernamurti Bharti Shriji


Prernamutrti Bhari Shriji’s message on  eve of  Nag Panchmi, One should always be Honest towards Guru, Should be Swift in service towards Guru and Be Devoted towards Guru.

Nag Panchami is one the holy festivals of India. Millions of locals celebrate it with festive spirit. It is the festive day when the snake gods (Naagas in Sanskrit) are worshipped. It is a celebration praised all over India with devotion and dedication.

Nag Panchami is observed by the followers of Hinduism. Since the time immemorial, the Vedic philosophy (Later evolved into modern Hinduism) has stressed the significance of worshipping the Supreme Truth (God) in His numerous forms, of whose Nagas being one of the forms.

It is usually celebrated across the country on the 5 th day of Shravana month (July or August).

Secret Legends and lore behind celebration

The Vedic scripture Mahabharata mentions the story of Janamejeya whose father King Parikshit was killed by a snake named Taksaka. Angered, Janamejeya called for the greatest sacrifice which would kill all the snakes across the earth. The Sacrificial Fire was started and performed by qualified priests and Brahmins. It was so magnanimous that all the snakes except Taksaka were drawn and dragged to the Fire. Taksaka hiding in the heavenly abode of King Indra was too dragged along with Indra as the Brahmins intensified the Fire. The gods, disturbed by the event, prayed to goddess Manasadevi for a peaceful resolve. She asked her son Astika to pacify Janamejeya. Later, King Janamejeya was astounded by the scriptural knowledge of Astika who asked for a boon from the King. The King gave up his revengeful spirit and told Brahmins to stop the Fire. This was the day when all the snakes got their life back. Hence, the Hindus worship snake gods on the day. Another tale is about a farmer who killed three snakes during ploughing the land. Angered and enraged, the mother of the dead snakes killed the farmer, his wife and two children by biting them. Fortunately his daughter never came to the curse of the mother snake. She worshipped her with milk and begged for her family’s life. Pleased with her devotion, the mother snake brought her family back to life.

Scriptural significance

 As per one of the Vedic scriptures Garuda Purana, one should offer prayers to the snake gods on this day and offer food to Brahmins. How to Worship Nagas On this day, one can offer milk, sweets or flowers to snakes. Generally, it is risky or even impossible to have a real snake in front worship. One can install the snake gods’ deity of stone, wood or even painting. Then, the devotee may purify the deity with sacred bath and offer milk. Following this, worship the deity reciting with mantras.



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