Mangalkari Chaturthi — Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

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Chaturthi  is considered to be the Auspicious Day for the worshippers of Lord Ganesha . If chaturthi comes on Tuesday it is believed to be more auspicious and hence known as Mangalvari  Chaturthi or Auspicious  Chaturthi .On the eve of ‘mangalvari chaturthi’ Prernamurti Bharti Shriji gave the following message:

“Today is Mangalvari  Chaturthi , one should chant “Om Gam Ganpatye Namaha” today. Lord  Ganesha is regarded as ‘Vighnaharta’ or’ the one who takes away obstructions’.

The biggest obstacle clasped behind the body is sorrow. The biggest obstacle is the cessation of birth and death. Behind each human being  there should be  presence of, Sewa ( service), Satsang (Good accompany) , Sumiran (chanting ) OR there will be cycle of birth and death behind the Humans ,one  should remove this biggest obstacle.

Whether small or big, every man is troubled by some sorrow. The birth once taken, body is  Ascendant to sorrows and  there are no two opinions. Regardless of whether  Lord Krishna, Lord Rama or Prophet , once came in bodily form sorrows will come for certain .

If someone is suffering from sorrow, the treatment only and is only is to understand and witness  the  sorrow and misery coming and going.

The more spiritual practice and worship in life, the more it will serve as the strongest to stand against equally plagues and adversities.

One should not care for the thorns and rocks on the pathway because there is no life without adversity, no sky without clouds, no rose without thorns, be focused towards goal.

What is your goal ?? More and more of mind should be stable, and be in assimilation towards  goal, then if adversity came, remember your goal, you should not move from within, let things come and go understand the moving things but you do not move. That is your Goal, any adversity to reach your goal, any hardship, any body, any life, any neighbour or any circumstance, no sorrow, no interruption could pulses .

Do chanting of Omkar be bold and courageous. Then you will surpass all the obstacles of birth and death cycle in Life”.


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