Independence Day–Prernamurti Bharti Shriji


Today  is 15th August Independence Day. Today india was free from slavery of British and same is celebrated as Indian Independence Day with same happiness. Congratulations to all of us, but  human society  is still slave to foreign policy, and  Britishers.

We do Flag Hoisting and are  happy with it . But we should look into our ownselves that we  are still slaves .

 Where our culture, our festivals, our policy terms, our religion tops and mankind is in his power to give peace and happiness. Yet what we have become enslaved to foreign thought, it is better to understand their movements.

Then we will be free in the real sense . Then today you will resolve the mind, thought, the interconnection bcoz we also bowed to their religion. The acceptance of its policies, the acceptance of our conditionings and the glare away from them are foreign.

Truly independent India that day,when  independent Indian and an independent human thought emerges with his free will and the same day we will say with pride every person of India is Indian.

We are proud that we were born in this country is the land of the true saints, where Lord Sri Krishna, Lord Rama, an incarnation saint society is taking. If you cease to be proud and mind, intellect, ideas free from the servile way.


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