SIGNIFICANT MOON DAY — Prernamurti Bharti Shriji


Today is moon day (Amavasya) , one  should donate milk.

 Deep charity is the significance on today’s  moon day.

For ravage of  Disruption and destruction and  great difficulties one  should ignite lamp before Hanuman Ji.

 Lighting lamp in front of Lord Ganesh, as destined to  Hanumanji  makes one free from difficulties .

To get rid of yielding fierce poisons and disease , one should donate lamp to Hanumanji 

If one of your kin in any bondages or Jail, must ignite lamp near that area.

For the Task accomplishment one should ignite lamp at the root core of PEEPAL AND BANYAN tree. PANCHDHANYA Or “auspicious pulses” like wheat, rice, urad, moong, sesame, lamp made of  these five and donated  meets all Desire .

If any patient ill due to rogue planets, he should donate lamp on crossroads.

On Moon day deep charity, milk donation consequences are told, you take advantage of it.  Amāvasyā, chaturdaśī, saṅkrānti, pūrnima, aṣhṭamī, Sunday ,śhrāddha and fasting days one should not use sesame oil.

Today’s moon day has the importance of different types of lamp donation which will definitely benefit you.


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