Prernamurti Bharti Shriji through this glorious Bhajan in her soulful voice reveals the greatnfullness of Sadguru. The grace of sadguru plays an important role in uplifting life of disciple,

Grace of Guru is a transforming force. 

 Where the Grace of Guru is, there victory is. 

 To adore the blessed feet of Acharya and to abide by his divine law is to live truly. 

 Annihilate the fluctuating potency of the mind through ceaseless practices of Guru-Bhakti Yoga. 

The chief purpose and the goal of your life here is to obtain Guru’s Grace which bestows immortality. 

 Remember the triplet “Faith, Obedience and Self-surrender” while serving Guru. 

 Let the ideal of Guru Seva penetrate into your heart. 

 Detach your mind from the evil company and attach to the sacred feet of Acharya, who is a pattern of perfection, knower of truth, a centre of universal love, a humble servant of humanity. 

 Have unremitting spiritual practice with the help of wise Guru. 

 A true aspirant rejoices to practise Guru-Bhakti Yoga. 

 Cultivate devotion to Preceptor to a maximum degree; then only can you enjoy his choicest blessings. 

 True aspirant’s joy knows no bounds when he comes across sacred feet of Blessed Acharya. 

 Never waste a single moment; life is short; time is fleeting; death is uncertain; arise, awake; apply yourself diligently in the service of Acharya. 

 Plunge yourself in the service of Acharya. 

 Arm yourself with faith in Guru, and in his words of wisdom. 

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