Significance Of Mother Cow service–Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

IMG_3134 mPrernamurti Bharti Shriji explaining here the significance of Mother Cow service and the uses of Mother Cow in our daily life. Shriji also makes an appeal to safeguard and cultivate our precious Mother Cow. Foreign countries conduct experiments and on realising importance made a considerable growth in the population of Mother Cow. So its a huge responsibility of we Indians to Protect and make efforts for our very own Mother Cow.

Prernamurti Bharti Shriji says “Suryaketu pulse that found on backbone of  Mother cow absorbs health rays  from the sun and  captures within. If you Ferte hand on Mother cow’s backbone, the Health rays from Suryaketu pulse enters in you and you will have healthy growth. Cow receives the rays of the sun whose sunshine consist of rays named “Gau rays” ,Hence the name is Gaumata or Gau. The rays contains vitamins A, D, B-12 and many such elements are found which are essential for human body. If you see the colour of  Cow’s milk, butter, cream that expenditure is yellow, due to absorbtion of  Sun’s rays. Gold particles are also found in cow’s milk . When you feed up Mother Cow all the misery and diseases of your life go away. When Mother cow licks your right hand and you’ll have to go out for task, its indication of  fortune. Also indication to sucess of work. Feeding Mother Cow grass removes home obstructions , pain, disease and keeps far from them. Mother Cow  service leads to progeny.Lord Rama’s ancestors served the Mother Cow  which resulted in pogeny .

Even Today, if one desire to have son, should eat kheer made from Mothercow’s milk having calf, worship mother cow and perform Encompass to her, which results in acquirement of Son. The house in which  Gumata is cradled or worshipped is free from architectuaral flaw ( Vastu dosha). There is an increase of  happiness and prosperity. It is believed to be abode of Lakshmi (wealth) in cow dung. Cows urine (Gaumutra )  can cure many diseases, chronic diseases, ears ripen, epilepsy, hysteria, schizophrenia, and even diseases like cancer are cured by Gaumutra.  Cow dung cakes (Kande) with the rice and cow ghee when  burnt releases the gases in which ethyleenoxide, propylene oxide, and  formaldehyde elements are found . When Kande  (Cow dung cake )burned around it creates a protective shield which destroys bacteria and germs of disease and increases health and happiness”.

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