Particulate Divine !!—Prernamurti Bharti Shriji


Prernamurti Bharti Shriji explains here the Divine pressence of Almighty in all the living beings and materials of this mysteriuos world. Prernamurti Bharti Shriji states that:-

“Fabrics are visible to you, body is visible to you, the blood running inside the body is micro than body, and it does not visible from outside. Pull the needle if put on, then blood finds, next to blood comes your small nerves and tissues. Anywhere put on needle, won’t find the blood but cut onnerves, if the nerves cut, then the blood finds. Move further ahead. Tiny veins are micro than nerves which is into your body and in brain it does not visible. Cannot break and cleave the veins, because itis invisible. Even it is visible while on post-mortem. In hospitals bodies let for post-mortem. While onthat post-mortem it is visible the tiny veins, student are studying only upon this becomes doctors.

Further ahead than, which is the most tiny substance? Is vitality! is micro. Break, explode and put on needle even the life will not look, why? Because life (vitality) is micro, breathing is micro, that breathe moving or not moving, man alive or dead it could be experienced by his moving breathe whether it works, by keeping your hand below nose it could be experience on the skin, whether breathe comes or not but It is not visible, air is invisible. It means this happened, things and objects which are bound to be immoveable and bulge can be visible by this external leather eyes. Things which are most tiny and micro that is invisible but it could be experienced. Immoveable things arevisible because it is natural but tiny and micro things feeling experienced are natural. Jiggery looksbut the taste is matter of feeling experienced, air is invisible but air could be experienced, how theair is? Then air has no name and it has no shape, its air! Cold air was cool and sweetly looks by experience, then show a little air? Where is the air? Show grips it! Can’t show because it is micro,that finely micro could be experienced. Most and minutest in this whole universe and what is that most minute thing? Then that almighty ubiquitous has embedded in molecule by molecule among universe also most minute, how will it also appear? For that need heart where the sensation can be experienced. Then the almighty is most minute, but his sensation. We do not have the sensation. So we do not see, will then it appear when it to see, then sweetness of jaggery when you break and will then put it on the mouth. So will this much effort? Scriptures and saints who described the divine.

Divine as minute, divine as ever, divine as enjoy nature, divine as pleased form, divine as widely also for this need heart where you can feel the sensation. Feelings are happening in whose heart? The funny thing is, there are 84 birth cycles in existence, only human beings has got the heart where may have reflection of the image of  God.


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