RESOURCES OF LIFE–Prernamurti Bharti ShrijI


Resources( sadhan) play an importanat role in spiritual path, it decides the well being of person. Here are some excrepts from satsang of Prernamurti Bharti Shriji:

As a resource many people do Vrat, Havan, Visit Temple, Do path etc who dont have Satsangati or  attain Satsang. Hence one should believe God, the more you believe life gets uplifted. Even though you get all your needy things, you cling to sorrow. Hence your aim is to get rid of (Dukh) sorrow!. For that you need a deep faith in Bhagvat Nama Jap, Satsangati and GURU.

Satsangati as a resource is greatest path of upliftment, because the  result of rsources is to be get Guru, as a satsangi has Guru his on the greatest path compared to the ones going to temple and doing Japa or people with other resources.

The one doing Japa is greater than going to temple or doing other resources.Satsangi has more developed mind compared to people with other resources. Why  is it so ???  Because satsangi’s resource is greater one. A personn tries to find God in Idol, another one in Bhagvat Nam Japa, their mentality is limited upto resources. Satsangi having Sant-sangati and finds God within his heart , then his resource to find God within is greatest Bcoz its having Sant-sangati. As the resources ultimately give Guru or Sant-sangiti. 

From where do you get these resources ?

What is the ultimate attainment of resources ??

What does Sat-sangati do ???

How to behold resources ????

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