Sneha Ki Snigdhata–Prernamurti Bharti Shriji


Ye kaunsa ukda jo ho nahi sakta,
 Tera ji na chahe to nahi ho sakta,
 Chota sa kida patthar mein ghar kare,
To Insan kya nai kar sakta ???

  Whenever you are afraid, chant Omkar mantra.  When you are feeling low, you are in dilemma, don’t understand what to do, then at such times do more and more Japa (Chanting of God’s name). Japa  is that powerful source which helps you to communicate with God directly similar to a mobile with the help of which you can communicate with anybody throughout the world.  

The only source of happiness is spiritualism, Japa of God’s name. Till one does not make his way towards God, he keeps on falling and rising in the ups and downs of life.  One becomes restless, unhappy due to the five Vikar  –  kaam (lust), krodh (rage), lobh (greed), moh (attachment) and ahankaar (ego) .  External enemies do not harm us so much as compared to our internal enemies – our thought process, our Vikar.  Pranayama and japa should be done to purify the mind.

 The fruit of listening to all the discouses (Satsang), doing all religious activities is when you can maintain equilibrium in both praise and criticism, applause and taunting, when you beat the five Vikar. The more one engages in spiritual activities, the more he can handle things sophisticatedly and responsibly.

 Meditation helps a lot to increase concentration and maintain stability of mind. Do not overload your mind with tension and grievances. The more you keep the mind light, tension free; the more it develops.  Two things which make the mind heavy, overloaded are –  ‘Sneha ‘( Affection) and Sin. Affection can be towards anything like any other person, ego, sex, loved ones, etc.  Too much of affection towards any of the Vikar forces one to commit sin.

 Oil is produced from groundnut, sesame, Coconut, Soya bean, etc because these things contain oil. These substances are oily, so oil comes out. Similarly, one who is oily with the oil of affection is grinded in the mixer of life –death, happiness –sorrow, etc., till all the oil comes out and he becomes dry. Grass, fruits, are not grinded because they are not oily.  So, one should try to become dry by removing the oiliness /affection towards everything be it one’s own mind, ego, body or loved one. So to summarize, one should try and reduce the oiliness of Affection.

 You might have never heard about such instances before. Pujya Shriji preaches through a new concept every time.

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