Dharm And Adharm–Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

88The people on Righteousness(Dharma) may feel suffering from sorrow,pain,grief etc but basically they get uplifted from base.  While the ones on the irreligion(Adharma) may be seen happy, enjoyment, growing, flourishing but when they get to destruction, get uprooted from the base. Means their dynasty gets uprooted.Hence one should be always on the Righteousness, should hold it. A dishonest person cannot resist himself from untruth, likewise robber from robbery.Censured person for censure, sameway a Righteous person should always strive for Righteousness without desire.The sameway God will give you without conditions,you will be gain religion, means, work and salvation.

Dharma  can  also  be  considered  as  laws  given  out  by  nature,  government And societies.and  they  get  expressed  as   laws  of  nature  ,   scriptural  injunctions  , governmental  laws  , professional  ethics  and  social  norms  and  morals  . To  follow  them  is  dharma  and  to  disobey  them  is  adharma.Living  a  dharmic  way  of  life  brings  about  material  prosperity  as  well  as  spiritual  unfoldment.When  there  is  an  imbalance between  the  two  it  causes  adharma.

Adharma increases  when  people  come  to  have  no respect  for  the  scriptures,  when  material  gains  are  given  importance  over  spiritual  growth, when  very  few  follow  the  righteous   ways  of  living  , when  individuals   fail  to  carry  out  their  duties  and    have  no  value  for   adhering  to values   . In  such a  scenario  , adharma  reins  supreme  causing  conflicts  and  destruction  both  at  the  personal  as well  as  the  social and  national  levels.  . It  then  becomes  necessary  for  the  Lord  to  incarnate  to  destroy  adharma  and  establish  dharma  on  earth. 

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