Affection oil–Prernamurti Bharti Shriji


Once Guru Nanak Dev while doing plantation on field, a rich man came over there. He pleaded Gurunanakji to give him preachings. Gurunanakji raised his hand in blessing mode and silently responded to man. Gurunanakji once again started the plantation quietly, picking the plants and planting at another place.

After a moment rich man again said ” O divine master please preach me”, Gurunanakji again accepted his request and silently continued with plantation from one place to another. Rich man again pleaded Gurunanakji for some preachings, Gurunanakji on indicating the plantation said “the sameway you have to pick your affection  from materialistic world and place in the God.”

The sameway pick your fondness from world and place in God. Pick your endearment from world and place in Devotion. If  fond of talking use for God.  If  fond of  hearing, listen to  discourses, just  like plantation pick your  affection  from  wordly  desires  and  place in  God, and let them grow, hence   your  lifewill  flourish  with  joy  and  happiness.

Its nature of mankind to have Affection. Using Affection. man can endear anyone.    If      Affection   grows more with one person than i thurts the another, which may lead to injustice with another. If  you are  affected  to one  member  of your  family  than it hurts  the another  one. Affection leads to sins, if sins start to give result than man gets frustruated. Hence the Aliphaticality of Affection should be stopped. The more you have Aliphaticality, the more you are sinfull. Affection disturbs everyone whether family member or those living in ashram, untill and unless you cut the roots with discretion. Affection Aliphaticality is like oil, the amount present gets extracted.

Never allow situations to Extraction of oil (sorrow, fear, tension, unhappy, unrest, unpleasant etc) from you. Extraction of oil also takes place due to Gods grace, bcoz Extraction of oil leads to sorrow and man remembers God. Also agrees , there is no abstract in the materialistic world, and thats what God wants to listen from us , you confess it now.

Duties should always be done. Lord Krishna even made Arjuna to obey the Duties for religion. Everyone has to obey duties, but remember God , because you belong to God. Remember to act like a bride who has to obey Duties of family and society belonging to husband, she behaves in the same manner. Just like that in this materialistic world obey your Duties belonging to God.

Hence the “aliphaticality of affection” should always be resisted and affection should be placed in God. Affection should always be picked and placed in God, which in turn will Lighten you like flowers to fly towards sky.  Hence no oil can be extracted from you.

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