Diamond Precious Life–Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

Diamond precious life titleA jeweller at the end period of his life, gave his son a Diamond and told him, to use it carefully. He said “as i dont have enough money for you this diamond will fulfill all your needs hence use it carefully and sell when you are in must need” agreed the son.

As in need Son moved with Diamond to the market asking at the groccery store and Grain store where he didnot get the satisfied value, hence he moved to the goldsmith. Goldsmith made him realise the value and told that it can only be paid by the King, Hence Son approached the King for the real values. King on seeing the Diamond realise its true value and gave son  to visit three of his treasury on condition that within given time if he managed to pickup the things he wanted he may take it as permenant. With 15 mins for the first, 25 mins for the second, and 45 mins for the third treasury.The first treasury had lots of precious stones , gemstones, pearl, diamonds etc. Second treasury had more decoration than first one but less no of  objects. The third treasury had spacious veranda compared to the first and second , the jwellers son had visited the three but returned empty handed. As he was lost in the beauty of Diamond, decorations and objects in the three treasuries.The soldiers pushed him out of the treasuries, he begged for extra time from the king , but king refused and ordered him to be beaten as he has wasted the time given to him.

The same way a person in his lifetime spends 15 yrs of childhood from his life,  God has given mankind a precious 15yrs of life from his treasury, so that whole world is shining with precious things whatever you want you can get in life, because it was an precious time of your life.

As the 25yrs i.e second treasury , your life also has decoratiions of wife, children, home where precious objects are less and you get busy with decorations in other words gets Subjected  to fullfill desire  of sensuality and indulges in them.

Third treasury resembles 45yrs age  of your life, where you donot have precious objects and decorations you feel to recover your self from all the miseries of the materialistic world, as a result you donot have precoius objects nor decorations of life, hence the God pushed you out as he has given you the precious Human life with decorations in it, but instead of making use of it, you got involved in the show of precious and decorative objects.

God has never given such rights to any other living being as compared to humans. 15yrs was spented in playing , 25 yrs in pleasing the sensual organs , which are subjected to desire and unrest. Now at the age of 45 what will you get ? You never involved in any good deeds or selfless service just spent span of your life in looking at the precious  and decorative objects for the enjoyment and wasted time and power of life.

Bal gavayo Khel kud me,

Yuvaavastha Bhog,

Budhapa hua Rog shikar,

Hay Shok, Hay Shok.

At the age of 15yrs  of life you  spent in playing , having no righteous sense what to do. At 25 yrs you could do bhajan, satsanga, selfless service and good deeds . Diamond means you could find the precious God but you just spented your time in fullfiling your desires, which are never ending and unsatisfying till last breath of life.  At 45yrs of age you come to know that world is sleazy, desires are the root cause of misery and unrest.A desire to be happy after enjoyment makes man to push himself in grief and sorrow.



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