The True Shelter–Prernamurti Bharti Shriji


For happiness, peace, enjoyment, one takes shelter of something or the other.  Shelter (Aashray) can be anything such that by taking support of that shelter, one gets rid of efforts and feels happy, relieved from all the burdens. Support (Aadhar) is something with which you can share half of your burden (Aadha bhar). For instance, when you are tired while walking, you take support of wall to share half of your load.  Not only body but mind also looks for shelter when it gets tired. Shelter taken by body is called as ‘Aadhar’ and that taken by mind is called ‘Aashray’ (Spiritual Shelter).  So to summarize, a person is habitual of taking shelter and cannot imagine living without a support or shelter.
A person takes shelter of parents, spouse and then children for livelihood at each stage of life. But there is one supreme shelter governing all these shelters without which all these materialistic shelters of things like table, chair, etc. and relationships like that with parents, spouse, children are meaningless. And this supreme shelter is our Almighty God.
We forget to take shelter of God assuming that these materialistic shelters will give us peace, happiness, support. But in reality, the shelter of relationships and belongings in turn increase our load, bondage, tension and worries. As time passes by, these shelters start saying goodbye. And at the end we realize that none of these shelters are useful other than that of God’s shelter. Had these shelters been real, the necessity of God’s shelter should have never been felt.
Whenever a person searches for support in any relationship, he expects the other person to behave as he desires, which is neither acceptable and nor possible always leading to disputes. Thus by giving troubles and hardships, God wants us to redirect our shelter from materialistic to his divine shelter.
The affection of one person towards other keeps on changing along with the time. Then how can one find true shelter in these changing relationships of the world? Pujya Shriji narrates one incident of King Bharatri related to this. Bharatri was blinding loving his wife. Once a saint gave him a divine fruit as a blessing for peace and prosperity.  He gave that fruit to his wife, who in true gave it to her lover – a servant.  And this servant gave that fruit to Bharatri again so as to make him happy. When Bharatri came to know this truth that his wife whom he was loving blindly, she was loving somebody and that somebody was again loving someone else; he remembered the words of his Guru Gorakhnath who used to preach him – not to trust this untrustworthy world but to take refuge of that omnipresent God always. He then took shelter of Guru Gorakhnath and became happy forever.
So take the true shelter of GOD only who cannot betray anyone. One who takes God’s shelter does not have to be dependent on the worldly shelters for happiness and peace.  A person is respected when he makes friendship with people who are senior to him. So if he makes friendship with God who is senior of all the seniors then no doubt the whole world will respect him.
One who takes shelter of this materialistic world get three things – turbulence, sadness, sinfulness whereas one who takes shelter of God gets three things – he becomes tensionless, fearless , sorrowless.   Tensionless – he does not have to worry for his basic needs like food, clothing and shelter. Fearless – he does not any fear like physical, mental and fear of death.  Sorrowless – he has faith in God and believes that whatever God is doing is for his good only even in situation of sorrow and thus becomes sorrowless.
Then why do we need shelter of this materialistic world?  It is our habit to take shelter. We cannot live without shelter. Then why not take shelter of the lotus feet of our God / Guru / Saints and become tensionless, fearless and sorrowless…..!!!

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