Always Be Online–Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

Always be online titleAs soon as you say to God you are mine , he comes online with you.  You call his name and don’t feel divinity , love and affection it means you need to consider your self.

You need to purify your heart with your good deeds, communication and selfless service to mankind.if you feel then its simple that God is with you. Infact he is always there, but you have switched on the button of your heart hence you are online with the almighty . Even though chanting Gods name doesnot enrich your feelings with love and affection.

It means you have fault in your system, which should be cleared by taking Gods name with bottom of your heart enriched with love and affection.




You have to switch ON your mobile, recharge with data packs and you get acess to internet, hence you are online, but in case of God no need of any external equipments or modems, recharges or packs.

Just switch on your button of heart you will be online with God. You may have some limitations of using net upto a extent or being online on the net, but God has got no llimitations he is always online with no terms and conditions.

To be online always with God you just need to follow your heart, because its the temple of God. Having faith in God , chanting his names, listening to spiritual discourses etc makes your heart strong which in result boosts your intellect, hence making you successful in every aspect of life. intellect may provide facilities but no peace. Peace and Prosperity are basic needs of mankind.Intellect has to follow heart for its wellbeing, Therefore one should always fill heart with faith in God, chant God names will full faith so that Heart becomes athletic and guiudes the intellect towards peace and prosperity of life.


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