Follow your Heart– Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

Intellect does lot of works. Intellect does phd.intellect does reserach, Intellect does huge business.if someone has strong will to become a rich person , his Intellect starts working the same way. Intellect starts gathering all the resources to fulfill the goal. Intellect makes him to work continuously day and night irrespective of conditions around him  and one fine day the person finds himself on a very successful stage of life, He starts to relive his hardwork and is happy.all these are miracles of intellect.
Intellect if starts to take follow up for any particular work it doesnot stops till the work is completed.It makes man to repeatedly give his best to achive the goal. For example Einstein, Galileo,Wright brothers etc. are works of intellect. There is no question about intellect that it has provided mankind with all the facilities as never before. In todays modern world whatever development and facilities we find around are all outcome of the intellect.
Mankind has reached mars , even planned to build home on moon,so the intellect always keeps on developing the things and thinking well in advanced.But this intellectuals who are fond and famous for thier intellect one or the other day finds themselves in a mess, sorrow, unpleasant , hence they have to follow their heart . Until and unless a person follows heart he has to be slave of intellect, he also has to face his intellects failure in certain circumstances .
Even though intellect makes person to fly high , or do some great adventures in the world, still the intelectuals have to follow heart for their wellbeing and peace. Whenever intellect gets disturbed , or distracted Heart has the capability to cure it or relive back to normal. What does heart do? all the intellects have to follow heart or follow God, because faith is subject to heart and clever is subject of intellect, hence a person has to follow heart in his pathway to peace and happiness.
Whenever intellects give up , faith provides strength to intellect , hence heart. In lifetime some or the other way you find your self to be surrounded by sorrows and grief, even though you are intellegent but intellect cannot find its way , hence a person has to follow God or Heart. Untill a person has faith in God, intellect makes person to be tired. Whenever you find yourself to be sorrowful and upset three things may help you, satsanga, japa, or the courtiesness to God for your well being and prosperity and having faith in him as before.
Intellect is subject to tiredness, vex and unrest. even though a person finds himself to be well established and having good status, his intellect may provide him with all the facilities in the world, still if doesnot have faith , all in vain. he is just a machine. Machines never give happiness, only unrest. hence one has to follow God hence heart for his wellbeing.
In todays materialistic world intellect has got a great importance, intellectuals are on demand in every corner of the world for their intellect, still it becomes most important to make intellect rest on witth heart as a duty. Hence heart needs to be filled with faith always so that it can cure intellect from various obstructions and distractions of intellect, hence making person to be full of joy in life.One should everyday chant gods name, listen to satsanga because its the feeding for heart and makes it strong. If heart is strong your intellect will be always on a right track.If your heart is weak intellect decisions may also result in failure or unsuccessful.
Follow your heart, because its the temple of God. Having faith in God , chanting his names, listening to spiritual discourses etc makes your heart strong which in result boosts your intellect, hence making you successful in every aspect of life. intellect may provide facilities but no peace. Peace and Prosperity are basic needs of mankind.Intellect has to follow heart for its wellbeing, Therefore one should always fill heart with faith in God, chant God names will full faith so that Heart becomes athletic and guiudes the intellect towards peace and prosperity of life.

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