Relieved Shelter—Prernamurti Bharti Shriji


In Pujya Shriji shows a new path to wanderers like us who are getting heated by the heat of this world.
> She makes us realize the necessity of saints in the form of Sheetal Chhaya (Cool Shade) in our lives.
> So let us try to walk on this path so that we can experience the real peace and calmness.
> Pujya Shriji states :
> “ Like a wanderer gets tired after continuously walking on the pathway where hot sunlight , thirst, etc  trouble him a lot. If that wanderer gets a cool shade of some dense tree then for him at that time there is nothing more pleasant then the cool shade.
> So like the wanderer after getting tired, feels relaxed after sitting under the cool shade of dense tree,  similarly saints are the cool shade of the tree, where people are tired after running in the world. Because this world itself is such that it makes one tired.
> For those tried, disappointed people; saints become a Taruvar (tree). In the shade of this taruvar, everybody quenches their thirst, becomes healthy, peaceful  and gets liberated. “

Hinduism, it is believed that Saints have developed spiritually to the point where they can lead others to liberation (moksha), or give them access to spiritual states either in this life, or after death. These teachers are believed to have special abilities, such as the capacity to give darshan (a transfer of blessings or spiritual power from guru to disciple via glance or mantra). In addition, some Saints are said to be able to enter a disciple’s dreams to give teachings or initiation. Sometimes the Saints gaze can cause a profound spiritual experience. Many disciple claim to sense a spiritual atmosphere around their teacher which affects their moods and perceptions in positive ways. Hence SAINTS  are considered to be the relieved shelters of society and therefore need to be respected.

The Saint may attain the status of a living Saints, and therefore embodies the highest ideals of the individual and culture.Saints demonstrates the reality of spiritual awareness, and shows how it can help and uplift the society with their good deeds. In many cases, the Saints is considered to be an avatar, which means incarnation of a god. Saints sometimes attain a degree of honor and respect that approaches that of a god. This is because like a god, the true Saints has the power and wisdom to help the disciple cross the ocean of suffering to reach a state of spiritual freedom, or a heavenly paradise..  Saints uplift any individual who provides the right conditions through mental discipline, spiritual practice, devotion, and positive actions in previous lives.

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