Veer Parambhakt Hanuman–Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

vlcsnap-2015-04-15-22h33m39s118Sri Hanumanji is an incarnation of Lord Shiva.

Brihaspati (the preceptor of the gods) had an attendant by the name of Punjikasthala who was cursed to assume the body of a female monkey. The curse was to be removed on her giving birth to an incarnation of Lord Siva. Accordingly, she was born as Anjana and, together with her husband Kesari (so named on account of his being as brave as a lion), lived a life of chastity and purity. She performed intense Tapasya (austerities) for a great many years, during which period she worshipped Lord Siva who being pleased with her granted her a boon. She asked that He (Lord Siva) be born to her so that she may be freed from the curse.

When Dasaratha, the king of Ayodhya was given the sacred payasa pudding) by Agnideva to share among his wives so that they may have divine children (Ram, Lakshmana, Bharata and Shatrughna), by divine ordinance, a bird (kite) snatched a fragment of that pudding and, whilst flying over the forest, dropped it where Anjana was engaged in worship. Pavandev (the deity presiding over the wind) delivered that fragment of pudding to the outstretched hands of Anjana who immediately swallowed it. With that grace, she, in due course, gave birth to Hanumanji. Thus we find that Lord Siva incarnated as Hanumanji in the bodily form of a monkey through the grace and blessings of his god-father Pavandev, with Anjana and Kesari as his earthly parents.As soon as Hanumanji was born, Anjana was released from the curse and wished to return to Heaven.

Hanumanji is a Brahamachari(one who takes oath of abstinence).

Hanumanji is considered to be incarnate of Lord Shiva.

Hanumanji has Surya (The Sun God) as his teacher.

Hanumanji is Vayu Putra(Vayu=Wind, Putra=Son.So Vayuputra=Son of God of Wind) – thus giving him incredible strength.

Hanumanji is also a Chiranjeevi (Chir= infinite jeevan= life. So Chiranjivi= Immortal) .This boon given to him by Yama (God of Death) – during the Indra’s(God of Rain) Vajra hitting him on his chin and Vayu(God of Wind) depriving the world of air.)

Hanumanji was an expert in Grammar and Statecraft.

Hanumanji knew etiquette of conversing with kings, queens, humans and animals.

Hanumanji is a very good student and friend.

Hanumanji took initiative, wasn’t afraid to speak his mind and always under-played himself.

Hanumanji is the biggest devotee of Lord Ram.

In India, the brahmachari is always respected. He is often looked upon as a symbol of “Veeryam” – Not Veeram – Veeryam (Veerya = Semen/Potency) – more in the sense of potency. His strength was accentuated and attributed to the fact that he was a brahmachari.

In the Ramayana – Sugreeva was Surya’s Son (that is the reason why Hanumanji was instructed by Surya dev- after he completes his training to serve Sugreeva in the matters of the state and perhaps to help him out of his problems with Baali).
Baali on the other hand was the son of Indra, who had the boon that he would have half the power of the enemy whom he confronts on the battlefield.Lord Rama – the Vishnu Incarnate – sided with Sugreeva and killed Baali. In the Mahabharata – the same Vishnu Incarnate sides with Indra’s son (Arjuna) to kill Surya dev’s Son (Karna) – thus balancing the equation !

Traversing the sky with Surya – at the same speed as the Sun God during the day and still learning lessons and mastering them – indicated his powers of concentration and multi-tasking skills.

Being the son of a Surya Deva also helped. 

There are only few Chiranjeevi’s in this world – (but none of them are blessed with youthfulness – point to be noted. This case is found in almost all legends through out the world – that Immortality is given – but youthfulness is not. So its highly probable that Hanuman is out there somewhere – but is too old) [The seven  Chiranjeevis are Maharaja Bali, Parashuraam, Vibhishana, Hanuman, Vyasa, Ashwathama and Kripa.]

Being a Chiranjeevi is a good enough virtue for people to start worshipping someone.

Hanumanji was an expert in Grammar, statecraft, Etiquette of conversations and thus was always an asset to any king. He was actually the “King Maker” who never wanted Power, Money or Fame. Valmiki says in the Ramayana that Hanumanji during his Ashok Vatika visit – thought of destroying Lanka and taking back Sita devi with him to  Lord Ram, but refrains because he was a messenger and as per the protocol of a messenger he was not allowed to do that. Similarly when Vibhishana came to Lord Rama to surrender and others suggested that he be put to death,Lord Rama turned to the wise Hanumanji – who correctly advises him on the protocol that people who come for “saranagathi” or complete surrender are to be embraced into the fold and must not be executed.

In a country like India, anything associated with Lord Ram is bound to get attention and what more can you ask – if Lord Rama himself hugs Hanumanji and calls him his brother ? This is one major reason why Hanumanji is worshipped. He was selfless. He could have asked Lord Rama for anything and it would have been given to him but he chose to remain a humble servant to Lord Ram and that made him more endearing to the masses.

In North India – Tuesdays are dedicated to Hanumanji because Hanumanji is believed to bring Mars (Mangal) under control. Mars being an aggressive planet it is necessary for a “stronger” god to keep him in check.

Down south, Hanumanji worship is more on Saturdays – as it is the day dedicated for Vishnu and his incarnates – hence Rama Doot also gets his share of attention. Also he is known as the “Siriya thiruvadi” – meaning the “Smaller Feet/Vahana” and during weeklong festivities the lord is taken out on Hanuman. (Also known as Hanumantha Seva – popular in Tirupathi) (Garuda is known as the Periya Thiruvadi – or the Primary Vahana of the Lord.)

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