Get Rid Of Materialistic World–Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

88 Gyana(spiritual knowledge) is discrimination between the real and the unreal, between the permanent and the impermanent, between the Self and the non-Self. Gyana dawns in a man through the Grace of God. The Grace can come only after one has done unceasing selfless service in countless births with the feeling that he is an instrument of the Lord and that the work is an offering to the Lord. The door to the higher mind is flung open when there is an awakening of discrimination.

When you are fully aware of the magnitude of human sufferings in this miserable, materialistic world, you will naturally begin to discriminate between what is real and what is unreal. Brahman is real and Jagat is unreal. This is Gyana . 

Then sincerity or Sraddha will develop. Then aspiration or keen longing to realise God will be felt. Then you will have to remember the Truth constantly. Then you will have to assert constantly: “Aham Brahmasmi-I am Brahman.” By incessant practice, Nama, Rupa and Sankalpa will vanish and you will realise Brahman. This is Vedantic Sadhana. Discrimination, sincerity, aspiration, remembering Truth always, assertion and then Realisation are the various stages or means for realisation of Brahman.

Worldly greatness is nothing, it is a child’s play. You must become a great man in the spiritual field. Remain in the world, but be not worldly-minded. Mere college study cannot make you great. When you remain in the world, prepare yourself nicely to be free from this materialistic world. You have Gyana, but you have no experience in the line. God is  ready to give you Support at any moment.  Destroy Moha first. Occasionally go out and live in a secluded place for a month or two, away from your family and see if your mind often goes to your people, your property and native place. Test your mental strength.
Mere emotion and enthusiasm will not serve you much in the path of renunciation. The path of Sannyasa is beset with many difficulties. But it is full of joy and bliss and is smooth for the man of firm determination, patience and fortitude. The life of a Yogi is the best kind of life in the world. A true Yogi is the real monarch of the three worlds. Even a mere aspirant is an Emperor of the three worlds. Have courage. Be bold. Realise that the world is a mere illusion. Assert your real Satchidananda Svarupa.
Sit for a moment alone in a quiet room. Enquire. Cogitate and investigate. Realise the glory of living in the Atman. Introspect. Try to remove your defects and weaknesses. This is real Sadhana.
In the early stages of your life, do intense Sadhana in seclusion and a little service to Mahatmas, the sick and the poor-as much as you can. . All other hopes will only result in a downfall. When you are young, do intense Sadhana and have deep study. Forget the past and the future. Lord Krishna hid himself in solitude for several years. He came out for a period of few years to electrify and thrill the world with his spiritual powers and illumination. Empty bullets in the air cannot influence the birds. The words of a man who has no ethical and spiritual development will be like empty bullets. They cannot have any influence on worldly minds. Become a dynamic personality. Through pure thought you can revolutionise the materialistic world. Do not be tempted by name and fame or comforts and conveniences. Lead a hard life.
The worst circumstances of life, the most critical situations, and the most difficult deeds are always marvelous for intimate self-discovery.
The most secret “I’s” always surface in those unsuspected, critical moments, and when we least expect them. Unquestionably, if we are alert, we discover ourselves.
The most tranquil moments of life are precisely the least favorable for the work upon oneself.
Moments in life exist which are too complicated. In those moments we have the marked tendency of identify easily with the events and completely forgetting about ourselves. In those instances, we do foolish things, which lead nowhere. If, in those moments, we are alert, if instead of losing our minds we remember our own selves, we then would discover with astonishment certain “I’s” whose possibility of existence we never suspected in the least.

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