The Reality Of The Sacrificial Ritual–Prernamurti Bharti Shriji


In the eyes of God all living beings are his creations. He does not distinguish between an ant, a lion, a lamb and a human being 

It is ego of humans that they kill animals to please God. It is basically cave-man’s immature idea of pleasing the Gods/Goddesses who controlled rains etc,with more progress, religions will leave this practice. Many sects of hinduism have already banned animal sacrifice. 

We have to sacrifice the animal sitting in us a our Pride and Selfishness.. people instead of killing this animal, killing innocent animals 

God is certainly not happy on this.

Of the late,which God had asked us to please him by offering some live? This habit is of uncivilized people who performed it fearing the natural calamities, heavy rains, thunders, earthquake, and many more, is still followed by many of us.GOD NEVER ASKED ANYBODY TO FEAST HIM EVEN WITH ANY LIVING BEINGS,
Then, ‘How is it right to sacrifice?” – 

Sacrificing any life, is a sin.Who are we to decide the death of a life? Even if u sacrifice yourself to keep the God in good humor, and win his favor, that too is a sin.God never expects this from anybody.Reading the legends and many myths its clear that Gods does not get pleased with any sacrifices.

Education is to analyze and decide the facts.Don’t believe what all u read and hear.Think yourself deeply. Do the people sacrifice their innocent kids, instead of hen and cattles? Killing for food too is sin.

Understand one thing that no pure form of God or any deity will ever ever ask for any animal sacrifices, it is the demonic segment only which asks for animal sacrifices… Wherever there are animal sacrifices there has to be evil and demonic sediments, no doubt about it… 

There are many places in India where such rituals are held in name of deities and people think that they are doing good things by following such rituals, actually due to ignorance they are increasing the powers of the evil & demonic sediments who in turn fulfill their wishes to become more powerful… but the end results are not so good 

In Sanatana Dharma No GOD OR GODDESS required or requires any Animal or human sacrifice. 

God is the embodiment of Compassion and kindness.God does not want one of his own creation to be put to forcible death. Flowers, Fruits are offered along with other Rice items, Honey, Curd, Milk etc. It is a Sin to kill any living beings .So many animals are throats are half cut and thrown on road and they suffer with pain for 10 minutes or so and finally die. More than millions die like that every day .Are they not living beings? Is it not hurting a life? A life is a life. That which we can not return , we can not take .So we can not make them alive again, so we have no right to remove their life. Moreover a sacrifice to please someone cannot be meaningful if we sacrifice what belongs to that someone. Animals are God given gift to mankind and the same when sacrificed to please God contradicts the meaning of worship.

Its impossible to believe that we need to sacrifice animals in order to please God. God is pleased if we follow a righteous path, do good and avoid committing evil acts. Killing a helpless, innocent and blameless animal serves no purpose and is more an evil act. It does not serve any good purpose at all but to rob a poor animal of its life. So sacrificing animals should definitely be banned

Animals have rights too. They are living creatures and they deserve if not our love, at least our respect. As a society we have progressed beyond the days of when we would sacrifice humans on an alter and that progress should extend to animals as well. Imagine you were the poor soul elected to be slaughtered for a religious event, the idea is horrifying. Why should anyone be granted the God like power to choose when anything, even an animal, should die even if under the pretext of appeasing a God. If their god wants the animal let God take it himself.



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